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Madonna And Guy Ritchie’s Movies Bomb

This Level Of Bombage Should Be Outlawed

November 19, 2008


More proof that Madonna nor her estranged husband Guy Ritchie should go anywhere near a film set arrived in the form of news that both their films they claim to have directed, bombed spectacularly at the box office.

Madonna’s flop "Filth And Wisdom" which is a rip off, fared horribly, only grossing “$18,000” at the box office since its release last month (LOL).

What’s sick and disturbing about Madonna’s 2008 movie “Filth And Wisdom” with the title reminding me of an old Swing Out Sister album titled “Filth And Dreams” which I ironically screened on my hacked computers in 2007, is the so-called film is a blatant rip off of a movie I copyrighted two years ago in 2006.

Regrettably, as I have stated before, my Copyrighted Catalog, of which said aforementioned projects are apart, was stored on my business computers, that were repeatedly hacked by Madonna.com’s hosting company, Digilink, with an illegally made copy of my Catalog, forwarded to Madonna, who has been illegally using items from it in criminal violation of domestic and international law. She paid them to do it.

The lead character in Madonna’s rip off “Filth And Wisdom” is an immigrant named A.K. aspiring to be a singer. In my 2006 preexisting copyrighted movie script, I star in the biopic, as myself, an immigrant aspiring to be a singer, whose initials are A.K. (short for "Aisha Kamilah" - and I do go by the initials A.K. sometimes or A.G.).

The script I wrote in 2006 is reflective of my own real life story and she has ripped it off two years later in 2008 and additionally added some really bizarre things to it. I also recorded and copyrighted a 10-song soundtrack for it in 2006.

The soundtrack, the script and some of the footage were all copyrighted by me, from 2006 and is on deposit in the Copyright Office in Washington, DC.

This copyright theft, is extremely creepy and betrays the very sick mind she has, as no sane person would do such a thing and go to such extremes to constantly steal from and mimic what someone else is doing.

Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie's "RockNRolla" A Massive Flop

Guy Ritchie isn't much better than she is in this respect, but he learned it from her. As previously stated on this website, Ritchie has been sued by different people for stealing every project he ever directed. There is always a lawsuit when he releases a project, as he simply rips off others' copyrights.

He ripped off a years old copyrighted movie script from my Copyrighted Catalog that Madonna illegally passed to him. He renamed it "RocknRolla" and illegally took full credit and payment for allegedly writing and directing it. Her label's former parent company Warner Bros released it last month and took a bath on it.

They shall rue the day they ever signed him to do anything, as the sum they will pay in fines and restitution for going along with the criminal copyright infringement is going to be massive.

Apparently, Madonna's checks to gossip writer Roger Friedman have been bouncing, as he gleefully broadcasted her failure and that of her husband on the Fox News website.

Madonna's Movie Box Office Poison

Forget Madonna's marital woes. Now no one wants to see her movie. Unfortunately, even New Yorkers didn't want to see it. So far, "Filth and Wisdom" has sold just over $18,000 in tickets since its release October 17th. Even worse, it's not even playing in New York. The strange film played in three theaters over the weekend: in Toronto, St. Louis, and Columbus, Ohio.

The three screens this past weekend was down from 10 the week before. In other words, Madonna's not going to be directing any major motion pictures any time soon.

But it's not like soon to be ex hubby Guy Ritchie is doing any better. His "RockNRolla" follows in a long line of box office busts for him. It's made $3 million since its release on October 8th. On Halloween, Warner Bros, increased its screens from 19 to 826. This didn't help much. On Sunday when the take for most movies is up, "RockNRolla" fell 28.7 percent.




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