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Crazy Madonna's Kabbalah Center Is Being Led By Violent Rapist Yehuda Berg

February 4. 2017


The current pop culture landscape is crazy. It is downright demented, as it is occupied by raging criminals. The schizophrenic Kabbalah Center's so-called rabbi, Yehuda Berg, is a deranged stalker and abuser of women. Berg should be on a sex offender's list, as he is a violent, criminally insane lunatic, who is preying on innocent women who don't want him. Women tell him no, yet he is insanely hearing yes and criminally acting against people's wishes.

How is it people can reasonably gain guidance and spiritual advice from an unrepentant rapist, Berg, who drugged, sexually assaulted and threatened to murder a student, Jena Scaccetti, that he took advantage of in criminal violation of the law. Scaccetti won a $177,000 lawsuit against Berg, filed in reference to his insidious criminal misconduct towards her, regarding the aforementioned sexual assault, rape and death threat. However, he should be behind bars, as he is a terrible miscreant, breaking the law on several criminal fronts (sex abuse, harassment, death threats, financial fraud, charity fraud, financial theft, conspiracy, voyeurism, commissioned wiretapping, computer hacking and phone hacking).

Berg, by the way, is married and has children, but that did not stop him from acting like a despicable thug and degenerate, in sexually assaulting his student who trusted him. A man who has been engaging in this type of depraved sexual behavior should not be permitted to be around children. Berg is also a raging drug addict and alcoholic, which was uncovered during the lawsuit Scaccetti filed against him.

Deranged Berg, who has commissioned criminal acts against me and began following me on Twitter as well, despite the fact I think he and the Kabbalah cult are vile, is busy disseminating quotes on social networking, telling people how to live their lives. The quotes are nonsensical, mentally unsound idiocy and superstition, sure to provoke mental illness in anyone who follows them.  

Berg, whose life has become an utter mess, attempted to convert Scaccetti from Catholicism to money grubbing, kooky Kabbalah. There's an old Bible adage about bad befalling people who try to turn people away from the Christian faith and "preaching another gospel other than the Gospel." God punishes it. Kabbalah is a bastardized and mentally ill take on the Bible.

Yehuda Berg

Then there's old madwoman, Madonna, acting like a hyena on crack, prancing on stage like a fool while making violent, deranged statements regarding blowing up the White House (Secret Service Opens Criminal Investigation Into Madonna After The Pop Music Has Been Claims She Wants To Blow Up The White House). That's when she's not stealing babies from Africa, in trying to keep up with Angelina Jolie's fame and publicity, ripping them from parents who did not want to give them up.

Madonna also sexually kissed and groped a 16-year-old boy, her then manager's cousin, when she was 25, which was illegal. As stated on this site many times, Madonna beat up and choked an 11-year-old boy. This misconduct does not begin to scratch the surface of the evil and abusive things Madonna has been doing. Madonna has been saying and doing terrible things behind the scenes in Hollywood that would outrage many if they knew and it is only a matter of time before the public finds out.

Yet, Madonna is another one who thinks she is fit to give people unsolicited advice on how to live their lives. Criminals telling decent people how to go about their lives would be comical, if it wasn't so serious. The self-delusion and lack of self-awareness is astonishing with the aforementioned people. Unrepentant, perverted, depraved criminals should not be giving anyone life advice.

Word of warning to the public, be careful of who you listen to in life. Looking to Hollywood for advice on how to live your life is a mistake, as the industry lacks morals and decency. Protect your mental health from such people. There is nothing wrong with doing things the right way and trying to live an honest, decent life.


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