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Billions Of Hours Lost In Productivity In America Every Year Due To Red Tape, Bureaucracy And Inefficiency At Places Such As The DMV And Health Insurance Companies

February 14. 2017

Florida Governor Rick Scott and former U.S. President Barack Obama

America has been lagging behind countries such as China, Japan and India, among others, in productivity. Billions of hours of productivity are lost each year when Americans have to take time out of their work schedule to go to places such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or find medical professionals from a list provided by their health insurance company.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Take for example the DMV in Florida. It is a model of inefficiency. Many people need IDs and drivers licenses and do not want to receive them through the U.S. mail (they are supposed to give you the ID or drivers license the same day). This is due to the high rate of mail theft and subsequent identify theft. People are forced to go to the DMV, which is a stressful, exhausting, frustrating and time consuming experience.

The Florida government's website is chocked full of wrong telephone numbers and addresses for DMV locations (see screencaps and link below). 90% of the locations listed on the site do not do drivers license or Florida Identification cards. Floridians spend hours calling the numbers listed on the site and waiting to speak to someone, only to find out they do not do DMV services, even though the Florida government's website states they do. 

When you finally find a number that works and you are put through several long winded messages. The representatives who do finally answer do not furnish you with the proper information. For example, they do not tell you that you need 1.) your birth certificate, passport or citizenship paper 2.) social security card,W-2 form or paycheck showing social security number and 3.) proof of address via house deed, mortgage or utility bill. Nor do they tell you the fees for an ID or drivers licenses. They make you waste your money/gas, go all the way to the DMV office, wait in line, then they tell you...hours later.

They also have a rule that they are delaying IDs and driver licenses 60-days for naturalized American citizens, repeatedly claiming their "computers are down" day after day and they can't check with the State Department (at least at the Miami Northside DMV and this type of behavior greatly inconveniences hoards of people on a daily basis). Once again, a model of inefficiency.

In America, you need an ID or drivers license on a regular basis for identification. You need it for banking, court, to get married, to fly on an airplane, to drive within your state or from state to state, to see the doctor and dentist, as offices often request identification. There are many other situations where an ID is required.

Yet, the DMV is demanding people wait 60-days (at least at the Miami Northside DMV). There are third world nations where they still use carrier pigeons to communicate, yet they can produce an ID and drivers license quicker than the 60-day waiting period imposed by the DMV (once again, they are supposed to give you the ID or drivers license the same day).

60-days is a damn disgrace. It is damn discriminatory as well, like naturalized citizens are second class citizens. This conduct was introduced and instituted by the Obama administration, as backed by the FBI and Homeland Security. Tallahassee, Florida is where the seat of government is located for the state. Anybody in Tallahassee care to explain the 60-day wait times...or the Americans with Disabilities Violations at the DMV.

"The Computer Is Down"

The "computers are down" is a term that was heard in the Obama presidency more than any other in American history. Clinton and Bush eras didn't have so many computer issues. While the FBI and NSA went full speed at criminally tampering in every aspect of life in America during the Obama administration, in a massive power grab at total spying, it is inexcusable the manner in which it inconvenienced Americans and slowed down productivity.

I remember a couple years ago I went to a neurologist I was referred to whose office was located quite a distance from my place. It took me a long time to get there for a confirmed appointment. Only for her to turn me away stating paperwork issues with ObamaCare, when I'm thinking to myself, I don't even have ObamaCare. Other medical offices threw that line in my face as well, making everyone pay for the sins of ObamaCare, whether you had it or not.

Health Insurance Companies

Then there are the insurance companies. Some sent out directories listing the names of doctors that carry their insurance, only for Americans to waste hours calling up doctor after doctor listed in the directories and be told they do not carry said brand of insurance. To make a simple doctors appointment took many Americans hours of searching for a doctor that would take their insurance. Wasted time and productivity.

hen you think about the fact going to the DMV on average takes 3-5 hours, usually of standing in line after line, with some locations, such as the Miami North Side DMV, who are violating the Americans with Disabilities Act in having disabled people painfully stand in line for hours, you realize it's billions of hours of lost productivity in America each year. That's time people could be working or spending with their families. And make no mistake, people usually have to take a half day off work to go to the DMV, which ought not be.

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