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Yahoo Uses N-Word In A News Headline Regarding Donald Trump

January 7. 2017

Screencap from social networking of Yahoo article

Yahoo! made a massive error in a recent news headline that offended many on social networking. The headline was supposed to read "Trump wants a much bigger navy: Here's how much it'll cost." However, it actually stated, "Trump wants a much nigger navy: Here's how much it'll cost." The item was online for 30 minutes before being removed. Due to it being the internet, anything one puts online stays there, as people save and screencap items.

Some online believe the use of the n-word in the article was an actual mistake. However, some on social networking label it a deliberate publicity to stunt to get attention. However, not all attention is good attention. A news outlet making such an offensive blunder is not good for their brand. Therefore, it has the appearance of a mistake. Not to mention, the "b" key is right next to the "n" on a keyboard. Let's hope it was a genuine mistake.


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