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Woman Gang Raped In England By Six Migrants But The Criminal Case Has Been Mysteriously Dropped (Video)

May 11. 2017

Englishwoman, Chelsey Wright, of Sunderland in England, was gang raped by migrants after going a night out with her mother and friends. Wright, a young mother of three, went club hopping with her mom and a few friends, believing she would be safe. However, at one of the night clubs, she became separated from her mother and friends.

Wright's drink was spiked and she was taken to a house in the area. While her mother and friends searched the streets for her all night into the early hours of the morning, she was gang raped by six migrants from the Middle East at a home they were renting in Sunderland. Wright woke up after the rape, to find herself in bed half naked with bruises on her body.

When she tried to flee the room, one of the men laughed and blocked the door, telling her she's trapped and not getting out. Shortly after, a second migrant opened the door and Wright attempted to flee. A struggle ensued outside the room. One of the migrants repeatedly banged her head against the door knob.

During the scuffle, the migrants pushed Wright down the stairs. She landed by the front door, which gave her another opportunity to flee. Wright opened the door and as she began running out of the house, one of the men grabbed her by the hair, as they attempted to tackle her to pull Wright back inside. However, she was able to run away (she lost some of her hair and was left with bald patches, while trying to run away from one of the migrants who was trying to drag her back in the house by her hair).

Chelsey Wright

Neighbors saw her running down the street half naked, where she fled to a relative's house and called the police. Police took a report and recommended Wright go to the hospital for a rape kit to be administered. The hospital determined Wright had been gang raped. Enough DNA was collected to tie the six men to the gang rape.

Police raided the rental house and arrested the six men. However, months later in October 2016, the police released the men without explanation and prosecutors have not filed any charges. The government rented a safe house to place the men in for fear of public retribution. Wright's brother had gone to the previous house after the rape and apparently got into a confrontation with the men. Wright's brother was subsequently arrested.

The public is baffled as to what transpired leading to the men being set free and the case closed. The DNA ties them to the crime. Witnesses saw them tackle Wright outside the house in trying to drag her back into the property. Witnesses also heard Wright screaming for help during the ordeal. Wright was kidnapped, raped, beaten and burned with a cigarette, which warrants charges. Therefore, why were the men released without being prosecuted.

Some have openly opined online that due to the white supremacists who have supported Wright's fight for justice via peaceful public protests and online pleas for the prosecution of the men, the government does not want to bring charges and appear racist and islamophobic. The government has not confirmed their reasons for dropping the case. However, it does not matter what a person believes, what race they are or where they come from in the world, if a person's rights are violated in a manner that breaches the law, the perpetrators should be prosecuted. 

Chelsey Wright

Wrights bears all the signs of a rape victim. The government should bring charges or at least explain to the public why they have refrained from doing so. It is in the best interest of justice that they do so. To leave this matter as it is, with so many unanswered questions, is causing people to think the worst.

As stated on the site previously, there is a cultural problem that has arisen regarding migrants who have come to the west, gang raping and or sexually assaulting women. Germany saw a massive, shocking spike in sex related crimes on New Years, with migrants committing over 1,300 incidents of sexual assault against local women in Cologne (Migrants Who Have Fled To Britain, France, Germany And Sweden Must Assimilate And Learn The Ways Of The West).

There are other gang rape cases committed by migrants in Britain, France, Sweden and Germany, among other nations in the west. Migrants must learn to assimilate if they move to western countries. Rape is a very serious and damaging crime that is not to be committed in the west or any other part of the world, by anyone of any race or religion. Women are human beings, living entities with rights and feelings. No woman wants to have non-consensual sex. Women hate non-consensual sex. Rapists need to get that through their thick skulls and stop raping people.


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