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The FBI's Secret Spying Is Unnerving The Public

June 16. 2011

Barack Obama has allowed the FBI free reign in conduct that violates the U.S. Constitution

Privacy advocates are up in arms over the FBI's newly announced investigative rules, as documented in their revised "Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide." The FBI has undertaken an invasive initiative, in an extraordinary power grab that openly defies the U.S. constitution. FBI headquarters has stated, they have granted agents the ability to summarily and secretly investigate whomever they feel like, if the target attracts their attention. That is the language being used. Therefore, to clarify, one does not have to commit a crime to be invasively investigated. There need be no evidence or probable cause. One simply has to attract the FBI's attention with lawful or unlawful behavior.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

One of the new categories that have been added to the FBI's operations manual, is the classification "prominent bloggers" - a term the Judiciary Report used on this website, prior to the agency's announcement (May 19, 2011's Obama's Relationship With Google Under Fire Over Blocking Free Speech And Free Press and in the 2009 Aisha v. FBI lawsuit in paragraph 9).  The FBI has deemed "prominent bloggers" will be included as members of the media, with alleged protections. As the Judiciary Report and other sites see it, the FBI has illegally done away with the Fourth Amendment. Therefore, what protections can there be in the face of such lawlessness and hypocrisy.

Barack Obama and Robert S. Mueller

The Judiciary Report has broken a number of scandals regarding the FBI that were later proven 100% true. The site knows exactly how the FBI operates and is not impressed with the agency's disregard for domestic and international law. In light of this fact, the site can attest, the FBI's latest legal push is a farce, as they have been doing this form of illegal spying for sometime and are simply trying to make it legal now, by pretending it is something new they've just decided upon.

Department of Justice's Attorney General, Eric Holder

The FBI's spying still runs deeper than they are admitting to be public, in ways the American people will not be happy with, as it deals with secretly spying on people in their very homes. There can be no legal or moral justification for doing such a thing and it shows a great lack of character that they have been secretly doing this to certain targets of their investigations. It can only be classified as voyeurism and it is perverse. 

As seen throughout the term of current FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, the agency is destroying the populace's privacy. Mueller has returned the agency to the clandestine and corrupt days of J. Edgar Hoover, where extraordinary privacy abuses occurred that victimized many people, in ways world history never forgot. This time it is going to bring the agency down, as they've already gone too far in deeds they have secretly engaged in, that when made public will cause a worldwide uproar.


FBI Agents Get More Freedom; Americans Get Less

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 12:45 - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is issuing a new edition of its manual, the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, the New York Times reports. The 2011 edition, the paper says, gives “significant new powers” to FBI agents, allowing them “to scrutinize the lives of people who have attracted their attention.” Read that again: “... people who have attracted their attention.” 

Not just those suspected of actual crimes, but anyone an FBI agent feels like investigating, is now fair game under the agency’s official guidelines. As a matter of fact, FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni (left) “rejected arguments that the FBI should focus only on investigations that begin with a firm reason for suspecting wrongdoing,” according to the Times. In other words, Caproni dismissed the Fourth Amendment, which requires the government to obtain a warrant based on probable cause before searching a person’s body, house, or other possessions....

Second, and more ominously, only certain members of the news media and the academic community are singled out for kid-glove treatment. “Prominent bloggers would count,” the Times avers, “but not people who have low-profile blogs.” Prominent bloggers, of course, tend to be affiliated with the mainstream media, who are nothing if not friends of the government. Furthermore, they would have the ability to draw attention to an FBI investigation of themselves that they knew to be politically motivated. 

Low-profile bloggers, on the other hand, have no such friends in Washington, would largely be ignored if they complained of being investigated, and — perhaps most importantly — don’t have the wherewithal to hire high-powered attorneys to defend them against unethical investigations. Likewise, scholars who work for U.S.-based institutions are covered, while foreigners, whose plight in the case of an unwarranted FBI investigation would get scant attention in the U.S. news media and even less sympathy from most Americans, can be investigated with little oversight...




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