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Several Women Have Contacted Los Angeles Attorney Lisa Bloom Stating Usher Infected Them With Genital Herpes

July 26. 2017


Prominent Los Angeles attorney, Lisa Bloom, daughter of famous lawyer, Gloria Allred, stated today that several women have contacted her law firm complaining that promiscuous singer, Usher, has infected them with genital herpes. Last week, news broke on the Radar Online website that Usher paid a $1,100,000 legal settlement to a woman he infected with genital herpes. Usher owned up to it and issued the settlement to cover medical bills, as well as pain and suffering.

Rumors abound that the woman who received the settlement due to the genital herpes infection, was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Usher and first wife, Tameka Raymond. She went on record speaking of the gross betrayal by her bridesmaid, whom Usher shamelessly bedded. Tameka did not identify which bridesmaid had sex with Usher.

This week, another woman came forward stating she had sex with Usher twice in April and has now tested positive for genital herpes. She initially sued for $10,000,000, then doubled it to $20,000,000 when her medical diagnosis was confirmed. However, there are now reports she is seeking $40,000,000 in damages. It is highly unlikely a jury will give her that sum for genital herpes. An HIV diagnosis would draw a higher damage award than genital herpes, but even $40,000,000 would be difficult to attain as well.

Bloom stated of women contacting her about Usher infecting them with genital herpes, "They say that he did not disclose his STD to them. Such behavior would be appalling, illegal and dangerous to women's health." Bloom's claims and potential lawsuits could financially wipe Usher out. If it is a class action filing the figures could become astronomical.

Attorney Lisa Bloom's tweets on Twitter.com about Usher

Litigants only have to prove they had sex with Usher, which would enable them to sue him for exposing them to genital herpes. All of this could have been prevented if Usher was not recklessly having sex with so many people, which at some point in time exposed him to the herpes simplex type 2 virus, which he has now passed on to countless others.

There is currently nothing on the market that cures genital herpes and condoms do not fully protect a person from contracting the virus. People have contracted genital herpes from others who were showing no symptoms at the time of sexual contact. A sex partner could be carrying the virus and show no signs of it upon visual inspection of their genitals and rectum.

Genital herpes is distressing and traumatic for sufferers of the virus, as their genitals, rectum and mouths become covered in painful, pus filled blisters that become irritated, burst, then crust over into sores before they heal, which takes weeks. Genital herpes sufferers genitals become red and inflamed. The virus is also accompanied by a green discharge from the genitals. Stress also leads to outbreaks.

Usher must change his behavior. He can do better than this. Usher is still having unprotected sex and in doing so infecting others with genital herpes. It could also lead to Usher contracting and spreading more virulent sexually transmitted diseases, such as the super gonorrhea strain that is not responding to medicine or HIV, which could turn into deadly AIDS.

People with genital herpes have a greater risk of contracting HIV, as herpes sores are open wounds that bleed. Then, the criminal branch of legal system would come after him. Some prosecutors will look the other way to a genital herpes case, but knowingly infecting someone with something more serious such as HIV would mean jail time.


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