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Senator Demands FBI Investigate Rupert Murdoch For Hacking Rival And Stealing The Contents Of Their Business Computers

July 26. 2011

Rupert Murdoch 

In 2005, U.S. Senator, Frank Lautenberg, privately wrote to the FBI, in his official capacity as a lawmaker, referring a computer intrusion, copyright infringement and trade secret theft case, regarding a company in New Jersey called, Floorgraphics, which was hacked by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. 

The FBI looked the other way to the complaint and crimes being committed, due to bribery and their belief that major corporations can commit any crime they want with impunity. It has been confirmed in London that News International/News Corp bribed officers in the Metropolitan Police. They were not the only ones, as the FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, took a bribe as well. News Corp criminally broke into Floorgraphics' computer systems to steal. They hacked, then copied the entire contents of Floorgraphics' business computers and used the propriety, copyrighted data contained therein for financial gain in commerce. 

After stealing the company's copyrighted products and databases via hacking, News Corp, then went about destroying Floorgraphics, via a smear campaign, which included maligning the company's executives to the public, destroying its business equipment and paying and in some cases, threatening people and companies not to do business with them. In short, News Corp had arrogantly stolen the smaller company's business products and data and now wanted them gone.

In 2009, Floorgraphics, went public with the story, via suing News Corp, as the FBI had looked the other way to the felonious crimes being committed against the company, which in itself, constitutes felonies by the law enforcement agency. The civil case, that should have been a criminal filing, was rocky, settled for less than it should have been, reopened, then declined by sitting judge, also known as corruption.

This month, U.S. Senator Lautenberg, this time made public a second letter he has written to the FBI and DOJ, demanding they reopen the Floorgraphics case. It remains to be seen if the FBI/DOJ will or continue down the corrupt path they've tread for years, to the public's detriment.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

The aforementioned story should sound very familiar to my readers, as it is the exact same thing that happened to me, due to Madonna and News Corp, criminally hacking my computers, which I reported to the FBI in 2005. I also filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police in October 2005  (formal complaint), who took the information and did actually make two arrests six months later. However, in October 2005, the Met Police said due to the fact I am on U.S. shores, my case is in the FBI's jurisdiction, but don't hold my breath, because the FBI is not very good with these cases and the sum of money involved in the case would be a factor. 

Two weeks later in November 2005, the FBI told me they would investigate, but along the way, took a bribe, as told to me by the source of many of my exclusives that have later proven true. Sadly, the Metropolitan Police is now on the hot seat for taking bribes in the same News International/News Corp case, as revealed in the mainstream British press. I do give them credit that they did at least make some arrests, though they could have done more, but as a person of British lineage, I am disappointed that they let criminals like Murdoch and Madonna destroy their name. It could not have been worth it.

In 2009, I sued under the Freedom of Information Act ((The FBI Corruptly Granted "Sovereign Immunity" In The Aisha v. FBI Case) to obtain the results of the FBI's investigation and any other files being kept regarding me, but the judge in the case, Jose E. Martinez, who used to work for the FBI's parent agency, the DOJ, corruptly granted the FBI "sovereign immunity" which is a fancy way of saying a nation's government can commit any crimes it wants to against citizens and be allowed this despicable privilege, as it is sovereign. When federal judges issue such corrupt rulings, the government should embrace the fact it has lost all credibility in the world and should stop lecturing domestic citizens and foreign governments on how to behave and follow the law.

Even if the FBI/DOJ did not want to pay damages, which under the law they are supposed to, due to the lasting damage (I became deathly ill with a brain hemorrhage from being harassed and terrorized) and massive loss (a fortune in copyrights stolen) their unlawful conduct facilitated, during Obama's so-called era of transparency, why didn't they release the legally requested files under the Freedom of Information Act. 

The law says they are supposed to but they did not. Why hide the FOIA files, which they admitted in writing exist, but repeatedly refused to release. What are they hiding (rhetorical). You call that transparency? I call that blatant hypocrisy, lawbreaking, bribery and obstruction of justice. The contents of the files show the crimes Madonna, News Corp and ironically, the FBI committed, via aiding and abetting criminals.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Even the scum bucket assistant U.S. attorney they assigned the case in Miami, nastily informed in a written motion that the U.S. Civil Rights Act did not give black people equal rights under the law in America and thus the FBI did not violate it by discriminating against me in the case in not bringing justice. That's the kind of arrogance and evil emanating from Obama's FBI/DOJ. 

The most ironic part of their misconduct is the FBI/DOJ and assistant U.S. Attorney in Miami, being smug and cocky about their conduct in legal filings, because they basically own the judge, yet it ended up costing Obama and his fellow Democrats votes in the 2010 election. I wrote many articles online, decrying their conduct, in the lead up to the 2010 election that reached millions of voters. People got to witness the case being filed and corrupted by Obama's FBI/DOJ, who had promised to run a clean organization, but as the case showed, did not. Looking forward to the 2012 election.

When you corruptly and deliberately look the other way to cases such as mine and that of Floorgraphics (and I know there are more) you send the nation and the world the unforgettable message the government is illegally aiding and abetting large corporations in stealing the hard earned property and proprietary assets of smaller companies, which in essence, is criminally nationalizing people's property, as America is supposed to be a democracy. Nationalizing hardworking citizens' property against their will is only legal in socialist and communists governments. You think about that, while you do your level best to ignore the Constitution. 

As I see it, I warned you in writing and during the two interviews at the FBI's office in Miami, that Madonna/Kabbalah and her cronies at News Corp, were violating people through illegal wiretapping, hacking and corporate theft, among other things, but you looked the other way, to the point many other innocent people, among them children, were violated by this invasive form of spying. None of you deserve to be in office, as you failed the people across the board, due to bribery and campaign donations. In 2012, you deserve to lose by a landslide, because you knew of the crimes and abuses and looked the other way. 


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