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Rupert Murdoch Losing Ground At His Company After Sky Bid Failure

January 26. 2018

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch has been losing ground at his company News Corp, since his bid to takeover Sky in Britain was rejected by the British government (British Regulators State Rupert Murdoch Fully Owning Sky Is Not In The Public Interest And Rejects His Takeover Bid). It was appropriate the Sky takeover bid be rejected last week, as the Judiciary Report pointed out last month, Murdoch is violating British law in not only having his 39% stake in Sky, but also installing his employees at the national network, the BBC, which he has been illegally running in the background as well (Rupert Murdoch Has Been Running Sky And The BBC In Criminal Violation Of British Law).

Murdoch has a number of takeover targets on the table and the setback he received in the failed Sky bid has placed them in jeopardy. It's just as well. Murdoch is a dirty corporate raider. He is not lawfully taking over companies and transforming them into something better. Murdoch is illegally taking over companies by damaging rivals via criminal tactics, stealing assets and engaging in conduct not in the welfare of company employees.


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