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Obama's Hatred For Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart Resulted In The FBI Criminally Spying On And Harassing Him In Events That Has The Agency Illegally Withholding His File (FOIA)

FBI Sued For Corruptly Withholding Andrew Breitbart File

April 28. 2017

Barack Obama

The BuzzFeed website has sued the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the release of all agency files in reference to the late blogger, Andrew Breitbart, who died of a heart attack in 2012. Former ultra-liberal U.S. president, Barack Obama, hated Breitbart over his conservative website Breitbart.com that broke many stories on his administration.

Obama's ego and arrogance got the better of him and he violated many U.S. laws in illegally spying, harassing and harming Breitbart through the FBI, among other federal agencies. Obama is a mean-spirited, lawless, vindictive man who can't take criticism and like former president, Richard Nixon, engaged in criminal behavior to harm and silence his enemies. Obama insanely used government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DOD and Social Security administration, among others, to harm his outspoken critics, in criminal violation of domestic and international law.

BuzzFeed attempted to obtain FBI files on Breitbart and used the proper procedures to do so, via formally applying to the agency for records. However, the FBI repeatedly played games in flouting the Freedom of Information Act, rejecting all requests by BuzzFeed for the Breitbart files that do exist.

Under congressional law, if the FBI rejects a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request(s) one's only remaining option is to file a lawsuit for the release of the files in question. A judge can order it be released or engage in criminal corruption and deny it in violation of the law (FBI Has Been Spying On Black Lives Matter As I Previously Stated Online).

What was the sense of enacting the Freedom of Information Act when the FBI doesn't follow it, as they are not transparent, but a secretive, sinister and destructive agency. The whole thing makes Congress look weak and ineffectual in the world, regarding their unwillingness to control the monster they have created that is the FBI.

Andrew Breitbart

I had to sue the FBI over my file and they refused to release it like their lives depended on it, because they broke so many laws and did so much harm, it qualifies the employees involved for the Hague (Hollywood, FBI And CIA Holding Up Life Saving Pharmaceutical Drug Patents Out Of Financial Greed).

Black Lives Matter had to sue the FBI over their file and still not have received it in part or full ((FBI Has Been Spying On Black Lives Matter As I Previously Stated Online), as the agency drove two members of BLM to suicide by using the COINTELPRO program, as they tried to do with Martin Luther King Jr (The FBI Slammed For Their Tweets About The Late Civil Rights Hero Martin Luther King Because They Killed Him).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has always been a racist agency and that nasty slavetrader mentality that people of color are not to have or be anything significant in America or the world, still permeates the agency's corrupt choices to this day. The FBI has white supremacists. FBI agents routinely refer to black-Americans as "niggers" black-Caribbean as "foreign niggers" and Middle Eastern people as "sand niggers." Hispanics are also slurred by FBI agents in being referred to as "spicks." FBI agents also have slurs for Chinese people and Jews.

The FBI is a corrupt agency who operates under the agenda it is there for the advancement of white-Americans and the suppression and exploitation of everyone else. They only followed Obama's orders because they had to obey the President of the United States. The FBI is so racist, they were sued by some of the few black and Hispanic agents they have on allegations of racial harassment and discrimination (FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism). Yet, the FBI insanely wonders why minorities do not want to work for them (New FBI Director James Comey Laments The Lack Of Minority Agents But There's A Reason For That). 

Many others have had the displeasure of having to file a lawsuit because the FBI is lawless, deceitful and dirty, refusing to follow congressional law. Why is that? Is that your idea of justice? Is that your idea of integrity and character in government? Because from where everyone else is standing, the FBI's behavior looks very corrupt.

Andrew Breitbart

Another horrible facet of their behavior is the FBI criminally corrupting judges in court cases, while Congress looks the other way to said disgraceful, felonious behavior. There are known cases where the FBI sent agents to judges chambers to tell them how to rule in their favor in cases. It is absolutely dirty, ugly and un-American.

At what point do you get hold of yourselves and realize you've disgraced the country in the world in insanely attacking innocent Americans over free speech, free press and the right to protest...and Americans are ashamed of you for it. I don't know one American who likes the FBI. Every American I have ever encountered since I was a teenager, who spoke of the FBI, did so in negative terms.

The FBI blames everyone for that but themselves, refusing to look at their sick, maniac behavior emanating from them that has left many people dead...including the great Martin Luther King jr. People in America and around the world have the agency off for it, among other things. The FBI does horrible things to innocent people and expects us to like and praise them for it.

How is it appropriate that a government agency gets to break established law in order to fulfill their warped agenda in harming innocent people for freedom of expression and then to cover up their criminal conduct and that of a president. It sends the American people and the world the message the government is corrupted and does not abide by the law, operating under a two tier justice system that is a danger to the public. How is that serving one's country. That is brazen self-interest and arrogance, violating the rights of others, while hiding behind the guise of government.


BuzzFeed Sues the FBI Over Andrew Breitbart Records Request

Complaint alleges that government agency gave inadequate response to FOIA request

April 7, 2017 @ 5:17 PM - BuzzFeed wants some answers from the FBI about deceased conservative media figure Andrew Breitbart — and it’s willing to sue to find out. BuzzFeed and journalist Jason Leopold have filed a complaint against the FBI, claiming that the bureau hasn’t done everything it can to answer their request for information on Breitbart.

The complaint, filed Friday in federal court in California, says that Leopold filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI for “all records related to Andrew Breitbart” on Aug. 7, 2012, a few months after Breitbart died at age 43. According to the suit, the FBI responded to the request on Sept. 4, but said that the bureau only searched it “main file records,” claiming that no records were located.

That was an inadequate effort, as far as the suit is contained. The complaint says that Leopold appealed the FBI’s response but was denied by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Information in 2013. “In its appeal decision, OIP claimed that the FBI is not required to perform cross-reference searches unless the requester provides ‘information sufficient to enable the FBI to determine with certainty that any cross-references it locates are identifiable to the subject of [the] request,’ including, for example, the dates and locations of contacts between the subject of the request and the FBI, the subject’s social security number, or other such information,” the suit reads.

However, BuzzFeed and Leopold contend in the complaint, “Nothing in the FOIA statute requires a requester to provide this information before a cross-reference search must be conducted.” “As FBI and OIP are certainly aware, Andrew Breitbart was a well-known public figure and is easily identifiable by the FBI in conducting a cross-reference search,” the suit reads. “As the FBI and OIP are also aware, cross-reference searches frequently turn up records not located in main file searches.” ...



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