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Obama Engaging Federal Agents To Do His Bidding In America And Abroad In Illegal Conduct That Is Undermining Donald Trump's Presidency

May 9. 2017

Former President Barack Obama

Former U.S. President, Barack Obama, who in 2016 irrationally stated in an interview that he is being forced out of office, though he served the maximum two terms as head of state, has returned from a long vacation. Prior to fleeing Washington a few months ago for a long vacation, in the wake of criticism from people slamming him for moving into a house right down the street from the White House, when it is customary for the former head of state to leave town to make way for the in-coming president, Obama alarmingly began laying out and executing plans for his shadow presidency, which is illegal (not to mention crazy).

Even his former Attorney General disturbingly announced Obama's comeback. Workers were brought into the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. to create a very high tech office for Obama, installing sophisticated tech equipment suitable for a sitting president, not a departing one, which drew the attention of neighbors.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama 

Obama began engaging in serious mischief using attorney generals and other government employees who were stalwarts from his administration. President Donald Trump then fired many of them. However, some are still in government. Obama has been engaging U.S. federal agents to do his bidding in America and abroad (some stationed in the international community) in acts that have been undermining the new U.S. president and violating people's rights. There are select federal agents Obama knew from his time in office that are currently aiding him with his agenda, in acts that are unlawful. Some of Obama's ongoing, illegal behavior through federal agents and international spies includes unlawful spying on Americans and foreigners.

The fact of the matter is Obama still thinks he is the President of the United States. Obama is still trying to execute his agenda and inflict harm on his perceived foes in America, who publicly oppose the political polices he promoted while in office and continues to espouse in public forums via speeches. There are also people in international governments Obama has contacted issuing illegal orders and directives, who had to politely remind his representatives "he is no longer the president" and "you are not the president anymore."  


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