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Obama Administration SEC Commissioner That Tried To Destroy Drudge Report Resigns

February 21. 2017

Barack Obama

Ann Ravel, the Democrat in charge of the Federal Election Commission has announced her resignation. Bye! Free speech restricting Ravel, under the influence of former media controlling President, Barack Obama, tried to destroy the popular website, Drudge Report, due to its massive influence in politics and entertainment. Logic should have told them that sites like Drudge struck a chord with the public. Hence their popularity.

Ravel and the Obama Administration even roped in the Supreme Court in trying to destroy Drudge, like America is a third world nation so steeped in corruption, it has become a network of dishonesty and lawlessness in a highly unethical cabal.

Drudge stated a member of the Supreme Court threatened him that they have what it takes to shut his site down. That Supreme Court justice should be booted from the court for arrogantly defying the U.S. Constitution, which grants the right to free speech and free press.

It should serve as an indication to the public of how corrupt and crazy the government became under Obama. Seriously, take a look at the Drudge Report. It is a news aggregator with a list of links to American and international sites read by people all over the world. The Obama Administration were acting like Drudge was posting U.S. nuclear codes on the site everyday. The former Obama Administration's reaction to Drudge has been nothing short of irrational and crazy.

While I am a conservative (pro-life, pro-marriage, decency in broadcasting), I don't listen to racists like Rush Limbaugh (but he has a right to free speech and free press). I'm not into guns either, because that's not my thing. I believe in equality, justice, fairness and decency. I believe that governments should exercise austerity to correct financial imbalances. I don't believe government workers should be able to spend taxpayer money in an irresponsible manner. There's nothing wrong with accountability. Conservatism means accountability in not being reckless with taxpayer funds.

Matt Drudge

The last time I checked, America is a western nation with free speech and free press, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. I find it extremely arrogant and offensive that anyone should unlawfully attempt to destroy said rights, because in their estimation, a website has gained too much influence for their liking. How small-minded and corrupt.

Ravel stated in a resignation tweet on Twitter.com, "It's been an honor to serve the FEC. I'm committed to transparency - here's my resignation letter to Donald Trump." Once again, Bye! I don't respect people trying to strip others of inalienable rights. They start with one thing and before you know it, they've taken away most, if not all of your rights to suit their agenda and not the law.

Ravel writing about "transparency" is hypocritical. The Obama Administration was the least transparent in U.S. history, evidenced by the fact they released the fewest amount of documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They thought it was cute and funny, meanwhile the rest of the world labeled it hypocritical, corrupt and shameful. How can you have a transparency law (FOIA) stating you will release documents, but then you willfully break said statute, criminally hiding documents when proper requests are made through the correct legal channels. Hypocrites, frauds and liars.

Myself and others had to file cases in court under the Freedom of Information Act, as required by law when an administration is so criminally corrupt it refuses to abide by FOIA, only for the Obama Administration to corrupt the judicial process. In my case, the judge, Jose E. Martinez, a former Department of Justice employee, granted the U.S. government "sovereign immunity" in hiding the documents and engaging in crime, as the demonic, racist, hateful FBI did the unthinkable (Obama Administration Wastes Huge Sums Of American Taxpayer Money Breaking The Law In America, Britain And Jamaica On Behalf Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center In Committing Egregious Human Rights Abuses).

As a general rule, if your conduct is so evil, sick, corrupt, perverse and despicable that you can't release corresponding FOIA documents to the public, you are criminals who belong in prison, not government. There's no way around it. World history will condemn you for it. You will be remembered as villains and maniacs that harmed humanity. 


Why It'll Be Hard for Trump to Surpass Obama's Record of Chilling Press Freedom ‘Folks like Rush Limbaugh, some commentators on Fox News, that hot house ... has been harmful to the country’

Jan 27, 2017 - Many in the mainstream media are reacting with righteous indignation over comments from a senior Trump adviser suggesting the administration views the traditional media as an opponent. But if we're to take these apostles of press freedom seriously, they should first explain why the Trump Administration is worse than the Obama Administration.

After all, the Obama Administration literally tried imprisoning an uncooperative journalist, monitored journalists' every digital move, and "hammered" at least one challenging reporter with IRS audits. Let's rewind the tape. The Obama Administration began with lofty promises of being "the most transparent administration in history." Instead it ended up setting a record, by the Associated Press's count, for denying the most Freedom of Information Act requests.

As the administration's popularity began tumbling early into its first year, the Obama White House declared war on Fox News. The White House director of communications, Anita Dunn, warned they would henceforth treat Fox News "like an opponent," insisting, "we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave."

The Obama administration made good on that threat. Soon thereafter, the administration sought to deny Fox News' participation in executive branch news-making events -- which only failed after other networks admirably refused to participate if Fox News were excluded...


Internet-Regulating FEC Commissioner to Resign

Democratic commissioner has been no-show from public meetings since early December

February 19, 2017 12:45 pm - A Democratic Federal Election Commission official who pushed to regulate the internet and has been absent from public meetings for months is resigning, according to an announcement. Ann Ravel, who wanted to regulate political speech on the internet from websites such as the Drudge Report, announced Sunday that she is stepping down from her post. “It’s been an honor to serve the FEC. I’m committed to transparency – here’s my resignation letter to Donald Trump,” Ravel tweeted on Sunday morning...



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