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Mariah Carey Postpones Poorly Selling Tour While Under Vocal Strain

March 1. 2017

Mariah Carey always drinking...and smoking marijuana...then she wonders why she's having vocal trouble

Mariah Carey made an appearance on the pop culture show "Entertainment Tonight" discussing her career woes and personal problems. During the interview, Carey briefly tried to sing accapella and had to quit after a few seconds, as her voice was in shambles. Much like on New Years Eve, when Carey stopped singing due to vocal trouble, then untruthfully blamed her issues on Dick Clark Productions.

Mariah Carey in her new video for the song "I Don't" which has flopped features the singer burning her expensive wedding dress. Carey does not know what the public wants to see from her and this certainly is not it.

Carey has postponed her poor selling tour from March to June 2017. Carey is slated to co-headline the tour with music industry legend, Lionel Richie, whose voice is as good as ever. 4-months will not be enough time for Carey's voice to recover. It is also not enough time for her to record a hit album to buoy the failing tour.

Another still from Carey's "I Don't" video which hasn't created any buzz for the song or her stalled career.

Unless you are a recording artist in the realm of the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart or Tony Bennett, it is a sizeable risk going on tour without a hit album. Certain legendary acts can tour and pull large audiences without a current hit album on the charts. Carey is not one of them. The two times in the past her career fell, so did her tour ticket sales.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka in an awkward photo that looks forced

Carey's current song "I Don't" is a flop. The music video is boring as well. She has done better work that this in the past. "I Don't" has languished at the bottom of the charts, because it is a mediocre track. Carey's botched New Years Eve performance is also making the public wary about purchasing tickets, as they do not know if she will flake out again.

Carey and Tanaka in another stage photo for publicity

In other Carey news, she is putting in a great effort to convince people she is over being dumped by her ex-fiancé, James Packer, when the fact of the matter is she was never in love with him. Going overboard with back up dancer, Bryan Tanaka, is for the sake of her image and ego. And the pictures are cringe-worthy. Carey has rushed from one catastrophe to another and much like the Packer relationship, the Tanaka one is destined for trouble as well. 


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