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Mariah Carey Delivers Another Terrible Performance This Time On Tour With Lionel Richie (Video)

July 27. 2017

Troubled singer, Mariah Carey, has delivered another terrible stage performance. After her disastrous New Years Eve show that left the internet in hysterics at her expense, Carey took a small break to lick her wounds. Now she has decided to head back out on tour and problems have already arisen. Carey is currently performing on a joint bill with singer/songwriter Lionel Richie.

People on social networking and pop culture sites are complaining of Carey's terrible performances. For example, Carey hit the stage and began performing her song "Honey." Carey wore a tight, ill-fitting leotard that showed up her latest weight gain in an unflattering way. Then she began moving slowly and clumsily on stage. She appears to be out of breath at points, during a routine that is not particularly taxing. Carey is causing further damage to her already battered reputation. Not to mention, it is not good for ticket sales.

Some artists do not listen. They think they know everything when they do not. They have a label assigned team of writers, producers, stylists and choreographers at their peak to make them look their best, then decide they want more control, takeover projects and everything goes downhill.

I am sure people at the record label advised Carey she does not look or sound her best at this time. When an artist hits that plateau or has a significant decline, they have to fine tune their sound and look. Carey, who struggles with alcoholism and drug use, is determined to do what she wants, even if it destroys her career.

Carey has a mind that is somewhere else, as she is distant and has a glazed over look on her face. Her mind is simply not there and she is stumbling through performances. It does not make sense performing in that state. She is setting herself up for another fall. Carey is not a new artist with no money. She can pay to get a significant amount of career help, but she refuses to and in doing so is damaging what is left of her name and legacy.


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