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Madonna Opens Hospital Wing In Malawi But Her Motives Are Highly Questionable

July 18. 2017

Demonic washed up pop star Madonna

Deranged pop singer Madonna recently opened a new wing of a hospital in Malawi, Africa, after ripping off the nation to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in charity fraud. Madonna has criminally exploited and misused the people of Malawi for financial gain, via charity rip offs in soliciting donations that went into her bank accounts and that of her Kabbalah cult cronies. This led to lawsuits and an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) probe against the washed up singer and her Kabbalah cult. Madonna even hid charity money in the Cayman Islands in an account under her name, which is illegal under U.S. law.

I was credibly informed by one of my unimpeachable sources that Madonna's sick cult is performing experiments on people in Malawi. Hence the hospital. I've broken a number of exclusives regarding Madonna and the Kabbalah cult that later proved to be true and correct. Madonna is steeped in the occult and her reasoning regarding the hospital wing is sickening. It is not an altruistic venture at all and when the truth comes out the public is going to be appalled.

The people of Malawi, especially the children, need to be protected from that madwoman and her cult. Madonna's own underage son ran away from her and her daughter moved out while a minor as well. That should be a warning sign to the public about how terrible she is as a person.


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