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Lawsuit Exposes Criminal Voyeurism At Rupert Murdoch's Fox News In A Sick Pattern Of Perverted Secret Spying On People Behind Closed Doors Via Hidden Cameras, Wiretapping And Computer Hacking

January 31. 2018

Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, two perverts, I mean peas in a pod

Former Fox News television personality, Andrea Tantaros, is another in a line of women who have credibly alleged sexual misconduct at the network owned by miscreant Rupert Murdoch. Tantaros has sued Fox News for sexual harassment in how it has, "Operated like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult."

The amended version of her 2017 lawsuit further states Fox News has illegally spied on women while they disrobed in the wardrobe department, which is criminal voyeurism. Fox News has been using hidden cameras in the wardrobe department to watch and record women in various states of undress, including naked, while changing their clothes.

This is the same Fox News that had to make financial settlements, because the out-of-control, hypersexual men who work at the network have sexually assaulted and raped female employees. It is a pattern of criminal behavior, as sexual, assault, rape and voyeurism are crimes under U.S. and international law.

Andrea Tantaros at Fox News

MSN revealed Tantros' lawsuit states Murdoch's Fox News illegally hacked her computer and Blackberry phone. MSN.com stated, "Tantaros says a forensic investigation later found malware placed on her laptop. She also says that after being suspended for making formal complaints of harassment in the workplace (Fox News has instead alleged that a book project was the core of the dispute), Fox attempted to wipe her work blackberry."

Fox News further spied on her like voyeurs, via hacking the mic and camera in her Blackberry. MSN.com stated, "She adds that a forensic analysis also concluded that 'Fox was using an outdated operating version of the Blackberry that enabled them to turn on the microphone and camera of the device at will without the knowledge or consent of the person who had the Blackberry in his or her possession."

Andrea Tantaros at Fox News

Fox News is quite sexist. Just take one look at the network, compare it with other channels and you will immediately come to the conclusion, their female anchors where hired for being pretty and have been placed in skimpy clothes. Respectable networks do not have a wardrobe department dressing their female on-air talent like sex dolls. On local news broadcasts all over America (except Fox News), women dress in a more businesslike manner.

Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle

I've never seen Barbara Walters with her boos pushed up to her chin and 90% of her legs showing while reading the news or conducting interviews. Fox News views women as sex objects only good for one thing, just like its unattractive founder, Murdoch. Women are objectified at Fox News, placed in skimpy clothes, but that does not give anyone the right to touch them without permission. That is criminal.

Gretchen Carlson and six other women at Fox News were sexually harassed and abused by executive Roger Ailes, who died recently after falling and hitting his head at his home in Florida. As seen above, Fox News' wardrobe department dresses women in very skimpy clothes, which speaks to Murdoch's absence of journalistic integrity.

As stated previously on the site, I broke the phone hacking scandal via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police (Britain) in October 2005 and one with the FBI (America) in September 2005. What Tantaros and others have since alleged in lawsuits is very similar to what I publicly alleged in 2005. These women are not lying about the abuses being committed at Fox News.

I saw Murdoch's companies and business associates like Madonna engage in commissioned, illegal phone hacking and wiretapping. I also discovered (as did law enforcement) that Murdoch and Madonna have paid private investigators to engage in computer, webcam and email hacking. Two private investigators were arrested in Britain (hired by Murdoch) and one in America (hired by Madonna and Murdoch).

As stated previously on the site, I also found a hidden camera in my home, which I was prompted to search for after members of Madonna and Murdoch's Kabbalah/"Illuminati" cult where showing up outside my home and approaching me in public places such as supermarkets, libraries, doctor's offices (waiting rooms) and menacingly telling me VERBATIM (word for word) what was privately said and done in my home, doing so as a form of intimidation and harassment against me.

The illegal, perverted, voyeuristic surveillance was done via webcam hacking, hidden pinhole camera, audio bugs found behind electric sockets and light switches, and most sickening of a all, a compromised cable box. The hidden camera was discovered via equipment/technology used in movie theaters that detects the presence of a camera secretly recording movies to engage in piracy/bootlegging.

Someone had messed with the cable boxes in my home. I should note, Rupert Murdoch owned Direct TV in America, which I was a customer of for years, prior to him selling it. A dirty, old perverted voyeur like Murdoch should not own any interest in Sky cable/satellite in Britain.

I also found an audio surveillance bug in my garden. It wasn't there before, as I would have seen it, due to the fact I did all the gardening myself. One day I was working on the garden and saw a small, flashing red-light. It was transmitting RF (radio frequency).

I hired computer and telephone specialists, who all discovered the criminal invasion of privacy in my home, computers and telephone lines. The computer specialist documented the illegal hacking into my computer, noting the hacker broke in, copied computer contents (copyrights Madonna and co later infringed), then tried to clean up his trail in the computer. However, my computer security and log files were saved that revealed the illegal hacks. I later obtained the identity of one of the three hackers Madonna hired, via obtaining court subpoenas.

One telephone specialist's test entailed everyone going out into the backyard. The telephone specialist then tested the telephone lines in front of us at the spot the phone company's box was located on the back of the house. His equipment showed massive data transfers on the phone lines. He showed it to us and stated, "Look at all this activity on your phone line and no one is in the house using it." He stated it is the presence of wiretapping.

The U.S. Congress has massively failed regarding the sick surveillance going on. Life in America has been subjected to such sick, perverted, demented privacy abuses, where deranged nasty sickos like Madonna, Murdoch and their cult think they are to secretly watch and listen to people in their homes. What kind of nasty, hard up, dirty scum do something like that. They are an abomination.

Let's not forget, it was revealed that Murdoch has a private floor of the Fox News building, devoted to illegal surveillance (Fox News Has A Secret Phone Hacking Department In The Building Says Former Employee). A former employee spoke out about the private access floor you need a special pass to get into and all the surveillance equipment and private investigators in there.

Let's also not forget, the British criminal investigation into the phone hacking scandal reveal Murdoch hired private investigators to break into homes of people in Britain to take private documents and other sensitive items he could use to blackmail others (Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Exposed For Burglaries Into High Profile People's Homes To Steal Information For Profit). They were also installing illegal surveillance equipment during the break-ins.

We experienced a number of break-ins, reported to Police, which began when that insane cult started targeting me. During break-ins they stole copies of copyrighted discs, that were already registered with the Library of Congress (containing unreleased songs, movie scripts, book manuscripts, photos, artwork ect). As was later revealed after I filed police reports in Miami, Florida regarding the break-ins to steal my copyrighted DVD-ROM discs, Murdoch and company love stealing copyrights as later shown in Congress.

They tampered with my allergy medicine. They tampered with the cable boxes. Burglars don't break in and not steal televisions, DVD players, jewelry...only to go steal some DVD-ROM discs from the desk of my home studio/office and tamper with light switches, electric sockets and cable boxes. Private investigators working for a sick cult do that.

During their haste to leave after breaking in and tampering with the light switches and electric sockets, they put one of the light switches in upside down. We immediately noticed the light switch in one of the bathrooms (the most frequently used one of the two) was blaringly upside down. To turn the light on, you now had to flick the switch to the "off" position. To turn the light off, you now had to flick the switch to the "on" position.

A representative for FEMA (U.S. Government) checked the upside down light switch and stated in October 2005, in the presence of my family, "Someone did that to mess with your head." However, he was half right. Further inspection revealed surveillance audio bugs behind the light switches and electric sockets in the house. Sick!

During three of the many break-ins, my family and I were home. My mother started screaming for me to call the police, as she saw the person breaking into my home studio/office. On another occasion I was home alone. I had just mowed the lawn, took a bath and began dozing off. After about 20-30 minutes something woke me up. I heard something. I got up, went to the backdoor, only to find someone had removed the lock and placed it on the ground. It was a threat.

It was later revealed that Madonna's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, would break into people's homes and offices and went he was feeling particularly sadistic and evil, he would tamper with the lock  in such a way to let victims know he had been there. He would "glue locks shut" like a psychopath or damage them in such a way beyond what was needed to pick a lock, so that victims would notice the illegal entry after he had left.

So, in short, Murdoch, Madonna and those in that "cult" Tantaros, I and many others have publicly referred to, are some very sick, depraved, perverted, evil people. The people in the cult are the sickest, most evil people on the planet. They should not be free to roam around and violate innocent people as they have been doing and world history will condemn the FBI for allowing it happen.

The next time Congress stands up in the U.N. or lectures the nation about human rights, do remember what you allowed dirty criminals to do to defenseless people, which you looked the other way to for big campaign donations from Murdoch, Madonna and their ilk. Do remember how you and the FBI failed the nation in the area of human rights. Because world history will.

Former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller knew of the sick crimes being committed by Murdoch and others such as his business associate Harvey Weinstein but looked the other way to it (Harvey Weinstein's Fall From Grace As Sexual Harassment And Charity Fraud Claims Surface)

These are very sick and egregious human rights abuses that began under bribe taking Robert S. Mueller at the FBI. I broke a number of stories on the sick, demented, corrupt acts of Mueller at the FBI, which were later proven true by the U.S. Inspector General and mainstream press outlets:

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Andrea Tantaros Claims Fox News Talent Were Secretly Recorded Disrobing

15 hrs ago - Andrea Tantaros, the former Fox News star, is aiming to move forward in a lawsuit that alleges her former employer electronically surveilled and harassed her. In a proposed amended complaint filed on Monday, she includes new allegations including how Fox News had a closed-circuit television network that allowed its former chief Roger Ailes to monitor offices, including ones where most Fox female talent disrobed daily.

"There was also a bi-annual trunk show in the Spring and Fall conducted by Fox’s wardrobe department," states the amended complaint. "The trunk show was held in empty Fox offices and female talent was expected to disrobe down to their undergarments to try on new on-air dresses for the next season, without even the benefit of a curtain. The dresses were pre-selected for the women by the wardrobe department before their arrival; pants were not an option. Upon information and belief, Ailes was recording female employees disrobe without their consent in their offices and during the bi-annual trunk show."

The amended complaint is the latest in a nine-month old lawsuit with messy origins. In New York state court, Tantaros first sued for alleged retaliation in August 2016. But a judge then ruled her complaint alleging the network "operated like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult" was covered under the arbitration clause of her employment contract...



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