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Harvey Weinstein Slapped In Restaurant (Video)

January 16. 2017

Hollywood rapist, Harvey Weinstein, was drunk and high out of his mind at a Arizona restaurant, where he is attending rehab for sex addiction. It should be noted, most medical doctors do not recognize sex addiction as an actual condition or disorder. What Weinstein suffers from is schizophrenia, psychopathy and lack of self-control.

Another diner in the restaurant pretended to want a photo with Weinstein. He declined to take the photo. However, it was a rouse to get up close to the disgraced movie producer. On Weinstein‘s way out of the restaurant, the man slapped him on the face three times.

Though it was assault, many online cheered at Weinstein being slapped, as he manhandled and sexually abused many women, both famous and non-famous. Four months ago Weinstein could not have imagined this would be his life. However, he brought it on himself with his criminal behavior that is not to be applauded.


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