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Harvey Weinstein Who Was Once Worth $400 Million Does Not Have The Money To Pay His Child Support

January 15. 2018

Harvey Weinstein 

Just 4-months ago, crooked, sexually depraved Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein was worth $400,000,000 and was a top figure running Hollywood with his own movie studio. Fast-forward 4-months and he has been fired from his own company, kicked out of Hollywood boards and organizations, had his honorary degree revoked, has been sued for millions by many people and is under criminal investigation in multiple countries for sexual assault and rape.

Weinstein must think he is having a nightmare of global proportions, regarding his current self-inflicted predicament. However, he has been a nightmare for many people he sexually and financially exploited against their will, in criminal acts worthy of many years imprisonment. You reap what you sow.

Now comes word via the Times of London newspaper that Weinstein does not have the money to pay child support to his ex-wife, Eve Chilton and estranged wife, Georgina Chapman, who has filed for divorce in light of rape allegations against him, made by many women. Weinstein is seeking a one year delay on paying $5,000,000 to Chilton for their three daughters, ages 14-22, who have been completely disgraced by his sick behavior.

Chapman is also making financial claims for her two preteen children with Weinstein, after announcing she is divorcing the perverted producer. However, Weinstein busy trying to liquidate all his assets, which includes movie copyrights, three homes, cars, jewelry and art work.


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