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Government Gullibility: Played For Suckers Or Was Solyndra A Front For Something Else 

September 14. 2011

Barack Obama to White House staffer: this is the President. I'd like for you to send some gold bricks to Solyndra and gift wrap it with the note, "From Barry, with Love."

In reading the latest information coming out about the bankruptcy of President Obama's favored Solyndra solar company, which wasted over a half a billion dollars of taxpayer money, one is left to wonder, was the government really that gullible, did Solyndra play the Obama administration for suckers or was the company a cover for something else.

$535 million dollars is a lot of money to commit to a new company, especially one with unproven products and services. Yet, the government had no qualms about doing so, fast tracking the loan within six days, jumping in head first, in what was a terrible deal from the outset. Do you know how many small businesses in America would love a simple $5,000 to $10,000 loan and can't get one, yet Solyndra received this windfall of cash.   

President Barack Obama and Chris Gronet of Solyndra

The FBI demands taxpayer money from Congress, claiming it is for one thing, but behind closed doors, often uses it for illegal secret programs that shred the U.S. Constitution. Was Solyndra using taxpayer money for reasons other than what was disclosed to the public, as I find it hard to believe any company could blow through half a billion dollars and have absolutely nothing to show for it. What happened here.

I have a question, if I go to Home Depot, buy some sheets of Plexiglas, spray them black, leave them out in the sun and call it a solar initiative, will the government give me $528,000,000 to play with too. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.

The FBI raiding Solyndra. Yea, now they want to investigate something, after the brown stuff hit the fan and the taxpayers' money is gone

An article published yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle indicates, Solyndra sent an "upbeat" report to the government in July 2011 and they apparently bought it hook line and sinker (Feds probe Solyndra's upbeat July report). This was six weeks before they filed for bankruptcy, yet as recently as six months ago, the Judiciary Report again warned the Obama Administration needed to drop its solar initiatives. 

If I knew, shouldn't the government have known as well. You mean to tell me the White House and the FBI, an investigative agency, where the President meets with its director, Robert S. Mueller, on a weekly basis, did not know what was going on at Solyndra. 

Obama at Solyndra pretending he understands what they are talking about, not realizing it is rubbish that will go on to cost the taxpayers a boatload of cash. He should have let me go there for him, because the first thing out of my mouth after their long speech would have been, "You're talking pure bull!"   

It's amazing - the FBI will illegally pry into the lives of writers such as myself (FBI Reproved For Spying On Journalists), day and night, even inappropriately talking to people I know personally, in bids at unconstitutionally swaying my sites and wanting to have unflattering things about them removed, yet a company like Solyndra that was loaned a half a billion dollars in taxpayer funds, they ignored, allowing them to blow all that money and during a financial crisis. 

I'm pretty sure, had you collectively asked the taxpayers, who they would have wanted you to spend taxpayer money investigating, giving them the option:

a.) a wonderful annoying, smart alec blogger with a proven track record record of exclusives, who accurately called the FBI a bunch of corrupt privacy invaders wasting the taxpayers' money (the male ego can be so fragile)


b) a company (Solyndra) loaned $500,000,000 of taxpayer money that will go bankrupt and not repay it, much like the annoying blogger in option "a" warned would fail WELL BEFORE IT HAPPENED.  

I'm sure the American people would have chosen option "b" Solyndra over the irritating, smart alec blogger that didn't do anything to anyone. As usual, the FBI continues to pry into the lives of the wrong people, while the real trouble happens elsewhere. 

My point? The taxpayer money you wasted watching writers like me and covering it up by hiding the Freedom of Information Act files that reveal it, you could have spent investigating Solyndra and stopped this waste of $500,000,000 in taxpayer money, before the damage was substantial. Personally, I'm offended. 


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