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Google To Lose Over $1 Billion In Ad Revenue Under Boycott

March 29. 2017


During the Obama Administration, tech company Google became very abusive with conservative journalists and bloggers, on the orders of the former president, Barack Obama, who was a complete megalomaniac and egomaniac. Obama's fragile ego brought Google disgrace and financial losses, as stories poured out about abuses against bloggers, who criticized the free speech restricting, Constitution hating (former) president.

Conservative writers, journalists and bloggers were the recipients of financial abuse and defamatory emails from Google regarding site content. Google even added restrictive computer code to make it difficult for conservative writers, journalists and bloggers to publish items to their blogs.

Former president Barack Obama

Well, as they say, "What goes around comes around." Google is reaping what it sowed regarding costing conservative writers income, as now the same thing is happening to the tech company. Google is currently the subject of a new boycott by ad buyers such as the British government, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors Co and 250 other big brands, for hosting terrorist or extremist content, which will cost the tech giant almost $1 billion dollars in revenues.

It's offensive to me that Google was running ads on terrorist and extremist content websites, but the second anyone stated any form of criticism about Christian hating, Al Qaeda funding, ISIS training, terrorist protecting, former president, Barack Obama, the company would vindictively and punitively remove ads and send out harassing emails to writers, journalists and bloggers, who dared to write anything other than butt-kissing statements on sites about supreme-leader-czar-overlord Obama.  


Analysts predict the YouTube advertiser boycott will cost Google $750 million

12h - Google could lose up to $750 million from the advertiser boycott related to ads appearing next to extremist content like videos, according to a note from analysts at Nomura Instinet. According to the note, Google-owned YouTube, which relies on big brands' advertising, could take a 7.5% hit to its revenues, which are estimated to be $10.2 billion for 2017. Five of the top 20 US advertisers have frozen their advertising with Google, as have dozens more around the world. Those five companies make up 7.5% of US ad spend, according to the note...

More than 250 brands have pulled their advertising from Google's display ads network and YouTube, according to The Times. Search advertising, which makes up the bulk of Google's revenue, wouldn't be affected by the ad boycott.


Johnson & Johnson and GM join companies suspending their YouTube ads over extremist videos

Google says it is performing an "extensive review" of its advertisement policies after a British newspaper investigation found ordinary ads appeared alongside user-uploaded YouTube videos that promote hate and extremism. Healthcare product maker Johnson & Johnson and automaker General Motors Co. are among the latest companies to halt advertising on YouTube after concerns that Google is not doing enough to ensure brands’ ads are not appearing near terrorist content.

New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson said in a statement last week that it has decided to “pause all YouTube digital advertising globally to ensure our product advertising does not appear on channels that promote offensive content.” “We take this matter very seriously and will continue to take every measure to ensure our brand advertising is consistent with our brand values,” the company said. Detroit-based GM said Friday that it was suspending targeted ads on YouTube “until Google can adhere to our brand standards.”




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