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FBI Director James Comey States In Congressional Hearing There Is No Evidence To Support Collusion Between Donald Trump And Russia

March 21. 2017

James Comey looking constipated in Congress

FBI Director, James B. Comey and NSA Director, Michael S. Rogers, made an appearance in Congress yesterday for several hours of questioning by members of the legislature. The hearing was politically charged and accomplished very little, as both Comey and Rogers refused to answer most questions, citing ongoing investigations that would be jeopardized if they spoke freely, which was a cop out.

Former prosecutor and current member of Congress, Trey Gowdy, of South Carolina, referenced the futility of the hearing that was riddled with "hearsay" making the foundation of their evidence inadmissible in a court of law (anonymous sources and newspaper articles). Gowdy also correctly slammed the excessive number of times Comey and Rogers refused to answer questions. It was a ridiculous dog and pony show by two men (and their co-workers) trying to avoid prison for committing crimes against the constitution and the American people, while extracting more undeserved tax dollars from the national coffers.

Comey stated there is no evidence to support collusion between president Donald Trump and Russia. This upset a number of liberals, who are convinced Trump works for Russian president, Vladimir Putin. However, Comey, who was appointed by former president, Barack Obama, stated he was not in possession of evidence indicating Obama  wiretapped then-candidate, Donald Trump. Why would he admit being in possession of that evidence, as it means Obama and company, including Comey, would go to prison. 

Believing Obama to be cleared (of something he did actually do), Democrat, Eric Swalwell of California, tried to lead Comey along in stating he (Comey) said, "President Trump's claims that former president Obama had wiretapped him is false." Comey rebuffed Swalwell stating, "I said we have no information that supports that."

However, when the Republican side demanded answers regarding Obama applying to the FISA court to wiretap then-candidate, Trump, but was turned down, Comey refused to state, "We have no information that supports that." Trump even stated Obama applied to the FISA court to wiretap him, but was turned down. The illegality of a sitting president spying on a presidential candidate and one that is a rival of his party is astonishing. However, Obama did it.

Obama never should have sought permission to spy on Trump in the first place nor should he have secretly done so anyway using the FBI and CIA. Neither agency will flatly admit the truth, as it means prison for all involved in the illegal spying. I do not hold them as beacons of truth, as I have been subjected to heinous human rights abuses, including terrible privacy rights violations at their hands. I have seen the worst of humanity pour from them, leading me to break a number of exclusive stories on them via this site.

Obama illegally spied on many people in violation of U.S. law. He has a mental problem. There exists proof of this illegal spying and as stated on this site in the past, the truth always comes out. After all, Obama spied on America's top allies, such as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, among others (Obama's National Security Agency Rejects German Chancellor Angela Merkelís Request To See Her NSA File).

Obama and his FBI even illegally wiretapped journalists in criminal violation of U.S. law, lazily trying to stay ahead of the curve (Confirmed: The FBI Spying On Journalists Emails Just As The Website Previously Stated and New Scandal Erupts Regarding The FBI And Justice Department Monitoring Calls Of AP Reporters Confirming Previous Site Claims).

This is the same Obama, FBI and CIA, who illegally spied on innocent scientists and doctors and used the contents of the illegal surveillance in the president's speeches and interviews, in dishonest and invasive bids at making Obama look ahead of the curve and smart (It Has Been Confirmed The U.S. Government Is Spying On Scientists And Doctors In Violation Of The Constitution).

These people did nothing wrong, but because plagiarist president Obama, can't think for himself, accomplished, innovative thinkers had their privacy criminally violated to prop up a commander-in-chief (Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama Who Plagiarized Saul Alinsky (Video) and  Report: Obama's State Of The Union Speech Riddled With Plagiarism).

This is the same FBI, NSA and CIA, who have been unmasked as secretly spying on people in their homes like nasty, dirty, perverted voyeurs, in criminal violation of U.S. and international law (Wikileaks Releases Hacked U.S. Federal Government Documents Showing The CIA And FBI Are Spying On People In Their Homes Via Hacking Smart TVs And Backdoors In Computer And Phone Operating Systems and The CIA And FBI Have Control Of Amazon's Alexa Which Is Spying On You In Your Home).

These are the same entities that criminally abused U.S. laws to spy on their innocent love interests and people they are dating, who did not break the law in any measure, indicating they cannot be trusted (NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Siteís Previous Claims).

This is the same Obama that illegally used the IRS to punish his outspoken critics, even holy men such as Christian preachers, in conduct reminiscent of disgraced former head of state, Richard Nixon (News Report: The IRS Targeted Christians). What type of person attacks a holy man...and Obama with his Christian hating, mean spirited self did so repeatedly like a demon from hell.

I don't care what anyone has to say in this regard. You are what you do. You are the choices you make. If you go around ordering attacks on holy people and spying on people in their homes, you are evil and an enemy of all that is good and decent in life.   

Swalwell also attempted to lead Comey down a road in implicating U.S. First Lady, Melania Trump, as a foreign agent and spy for Russia. Swalwell used Comey's statement that an American could unwittingly become an accomplice to Russian spying, "Through a romance." This implicated Trump's Slovenian bride, Melania. When you implicate a First Lady of the United States in something so serious, you really should have evidence.

The committee angrily spoke of Russia interfering in the U.S. elections, but Comey confirmed there was "No tally tampering." The Judiciary Report has repeatedly stated, as there is not vote tampering by Russia on behalf of Trump, he won the election fair and square in accordance with U.S. laws and procedures.

My personal view is it is wrong for any foreign government to meddle in the election of another nation. If I were head of state of a nation I would never do that. I believe the will of the people, via the vote, in each nation should determine its head of state and members of legislature.

Having written that, in the spirit of fairness I must state, it is also hypocritical for the FBI, NSA or CIA to condemn foreign nations, such as Russia, for meddling in the 2016 election, when the U.S. government routinely interferes in foreign elections in Israel, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Europe, for decades, to install Washington's choice, disenfranchising millions of voters worldwide.

For example, Obama criminally interfered in the Israel elections in trying to oust Benjamin Netanyahu. This is well recorded in the international community and Obama was completely out of line and in firmly illegal territory via this criminal misconduct. The CIA has routinely overthrown duly elected international governments, even killed world leaders to install who they wish, which is completely criminal and abhorrent ("Bernie Sanders expresses Concern About Illegal CIA Conduct").


Wikileaks Releases Hacked U.S. Federal Government Documents Showing The CIA And FBI Are Spying On People In Their Homes Via Hacking Smart TVs And Backdoors In Computer And Phone Operating Systems

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