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Drudge Report Hacked Again In Criminal Violation Of The Law

Some People Have No Respect For The Law And Too Much Time On Their Hands

January 5. 2017

President Barack Obama

The Drudge Report was hacked on December 30, 2016, in a DDOS attack (Free Speech Restricting Obama Administration Outrageously Hacks Drudge Report). The siteís owner, Matt Drudge, wrote about it and pointed the finger at the U.S. government, who I can confirm engages in that type of reckless behavior, which is ironic, as it is a criminal violation of the law. Breaking the laws you are sworn to protect is massively hypocritical and sets a terrible example for the public.

The Drudge Report was hacked again on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. I had significant problems viewing Drudge Report on Tuesday, a first in all the years I have been reading the informative website. I tried several times but the site would not load. The error message indicated the site was down. It was another DDOS attack. Many on social networking reported the site was down and the story has made mainstream newspaper sites. Later that night, like many other people online, I was able to view the Drudge Report.

Matt Drudge

I donít know what people think they are accomplishing hacking a website. It is criminal and stupid. It annoys readers, who contrary to what hackers think, keep returning in looking for hacked sites. Once a site is apart of the political or pop culture landscape, people remember it and keep searching for it. People keep checking for the hacked site to comeback, much like I and many others did regarding Drudge Report on Tuesday.

People donít stop visiting a site because idiots hacked it. It only makes the public annoyed that the site they wish to view is not showing or is malfunctioning because of a hack. It makes the public hate the hackers and those they work for, especially when they know who is behind it and where to channel the blame. The premise behind the DDOS attacks are quite stupid - trying to unconstitutionally and criminally block the public from viewing a site. Hacking a site/brand someone built that is of public interest is pathetic. If hacking someone elseís hard work is your claim to fame, youíve failed in life. Itís not an accomplishment. Itís a felony.


Drudge Report Writer Matt Drudge Threatened By Supreme Court Justice Seeking To Shut His Site Down

Free Speech Restricting Obama Administration Outrageously Hacks Drudge Report



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