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Discriminatory First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation's Partner Coester VMS Real Estate Appraisers Sues Virginia Board For Well Deserved License Declination (Ban)

July 8. 2016

Brian Coester

The Judiciary Report has been running a series of articles warning the public against the discriminatory rip off companies, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation and Coester VMS. I had a very bad experience with these two companies in 2014, who not only discriminated against me, they criminally defrauded me out of thousands of dollars. The public needs to avoid both companies, as they are engaging in unlawful conduct in criminal violation of U.S. law that will cost you money.

Months after I began writing about First Guaranty Mortgage and their appraisal company of choice Coester VMS and filed a complaint with the government in Washington, the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board denied them a real estate license. The real estate board is right to decline their license request. It has been discovered Coester VMS has been been breaking the law in Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Minnesota, forcing them to make legal settlements regarding their criminal behavior. The head of the company, Brian Coester, has also been outed on engaging in unlawful behavior.

These people should not be in business. Yet, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation is knowingly using criminals to appraise properties in America and destroying real estate deals, while pocketing massive fees from consumers they both defraud. You all belong in prison...and something tells me that's where you and all those involved in your little schemes are going to end up.

Brian Coester

Coester VMS is based in Maryland, but First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation is headquartered in Virginia. As Coester VMS seeks to expand their ties with First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation in Virginia, they sought a license in the state from the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board, but were correctly declined.

Subsequently, Coester VMS has filed a lawsuit against the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board alleging "a conspiracy to restrain and monopolize trade" further accusing them of antitrust behavior. However, the Judiciary Report is of the view, Coester VMS (and First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation) are crooked, corrupt companies engaging in criminal fraud, making them unqualified for a real estate license anywhere.

Both companies need to be shutdown for the financial safety of the public. They are not to be trusted. I' have seen the corruption firsthand and can tell you with certainty, if you do business with Coester VMS or First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, you will be ripped off for thousands of dollars and lose viable real estate deals. Do not risk your money or deals on them.

The LinkedIn profile of First Guaranty Mortgage CEO, Andrew Peters. First Guaranty Mortgage is owned by Kenneth E. Clark.

As such, Coester VMS and First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation and ALL their legal cases will be included in my forthcoming documentary "American Justice System Corruption" as they are engaging in astonishing criminal behavior in court that needs to be exposed to the nation and the world. Coester VMS and First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation and ALL who aid in their unlawful conduct (lawyers and jurist included) deserve to be wholly and permanently disgraced to the world.


Facing License Denial, Coester Sues Virginia Board

Facing denial of its license to operate an appraisal management company (AMC) in the state of Virginia, the AMC Coester VMS has filed a lawsuit against the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board alleging that the Board is engaged in “a conspiracy to restrain and monopolize trade” and is operating in violation of federal antitrust laws.

The suit follows Virginia’s recently passed AMC licensing laws, which set an August 18 deadline for applicants to obtain AMC licensure or cease operations in the state. The Board has issued dozens of AMC licenses but selected Coester for closer examination. On July 15, Coester attended an informal fact-finding conference and addressed several of the Board’s concerns, including Coester’s history of consent orders and settlement agreements in five other states, for alleged violations of state laws: Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Minnesota.

The allegations against Coester in these states include: unlicensed AMC activity, false advertising, failure to pay appraisers on time, failure to pay customary and reasonable fees, failure to respond to requests within the time period specified, failure to submit biannual certification, as well as USPAP violations committed by Brian Coester himself...



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