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Desperate Madonna Harassing And Threatening Younger Male Celebrities Over Not Dating Her

January 20. 2017


Desperate pop tart Madonna has been getting up to her crazy antics again, in conduct that is irritating and disgusting famous, young male entertainers and athletes. Madonna is going through another crisis in her life, regarding her age and appearance. You can't even call it a midlife crisis, as she is beyond that point, as she is almost 60-years-old.

As stated on the site many times, in sentiments also echoed by many on social networking, Madonna has not aged well at all and looks frightfully unattractive. Madonna's mind is suspended in adolescence. She thinks she is a young 18-year-old singer. She wears the types of clips and berets in her chemically fried hair, than teenage girls in school sport. The fact of the matter is, in light of her age, Madonna is considered a senior citizen and due to excessive plastic surgery, risky cosmetic procedures and the fact she was never considered pretty to begin with, she looks very unattractive and downright strange.

Younger men do date older women and vice versa, but it is usually consensual. It is not because they get bombarded with deranged, invasive, threatening direct messages, phone calls demanding they play along in a crazy charade, by a mentally insane pop star looking for publicity for her career that is in the toilet. Many young male stars and athletes in their 20s and 30s have girlfriends or wives.

To be harangued and constantly pursued by a crazy madwoman, throwing out financial incentives and offers of endorsements and movies roles, among other monetary gifts, if they will date her, is pathetic. One famous young actor was stunned and alarmed when Madonna got him a role in a film, then demanded he have sex with her and make public appearances with her, lest she gets him fired from the job and blacklisted in Hollywood.

The young actor panicked because his fans would roast him on social networking for stepping out with Madonna on his arm, as they mock her as crazy, ugly and scary looking. However, he wants his career in acting to grow, not be destroyed by a deranged madwoman. Not to mention, he has a girlfriend and has absolutely no interest in desperate Madonna. People shouldn't have to make those types of choices to keep their career because a crazy pop star begins targeting them.

Madonna has done this to athletes as well. She's going around targeting athletes she sees on blogs and social networking, contacting their reps and friends, demanding they hook her up with these young men who have no interest in her, as she looks awful and behaves like a complete weirdo. Some of these men Madonna keeps harassing are 1/3 of her age and very image conscious. Unless you look like Halle Berry or Megan Fox, they are not going out with you.

Madonna has caused a number of young athletes considerable distress with her crazy behavior they are complaining about in the industry. They have practice and games to go to, but are being bombarded with aggressive, crazy messages and calls from a woman they don't want to have sex with. Then, in true stalker fashion, the calls and messages went from being aggressive to downright threatening. Most people know you can't force others to like you. That message simply isn't getting through Madonna's thick, crazy skull. Is there any wonder Madonna's son ran away. It must be embarrassing having a mother behave in that manner, chasing unwilling men, many of whom are 1/3 of her age and do not want to date her.

Madonna's is also very jealous of other singers youth. She resents younger female celebrities like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, among others, for being young, sought after stars male celebrities clamor to date. Madonna resents their youth. She tries to leech off their popularity and has given them very damaging advice, not wanting them to do well.  After all, when Madonna took Britney Spears, then Lindsay Lohan under her wing, they, among others, self-destructed and have not been the same since.


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