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Crazy Madonna Allowed To Adopt Twins Despite Her History Of Abusive Behavior

February 11. 2017


Desperate, attention seeking, washed up pop singer Madonna, has again adopted children in a bid for publicity and for other questionable reasons. The crazy one time star adopted twin girls from Africa, shortly after it was announced that R&B singer Beyonce is pregnant with twins. As the phrase goes, "Monkey see, monkey do."

Beyonce received a significant amount of publicity in the press and on social networking when she announced her pregnancy last week. Craving attention, as usual, Madonna ran out and snatched more kids from Africa, after the first controversial, illegal adoptions saw her slammed all over the world several years ago as a "baby thief." Madonna was crying into her crow's feet on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" about the horrible backlash that erupted globally over the adoption.

Once again, Madonna the pathological liar, lied when asked if she had adopted the twins. Previously, she had lied about adopting a boy, then the truth came out. Why lie about something like that. It just goes to show how insane, kooky and weird Madonna is to do such a thing. You can't trust anything she says.

Too bad for Madonna the public is not interested in news about her. So, people are talking about Beyonce expecting twins. People are also talking and writing about actor George Clooney and his accomplished wife, Amal, looking forward to the birth of their twins, who are expected in June.

I do have concerns about Madonna adopting children, because she is a deranged madwoman. Psychotic Madonna was also credibly sued for choking and beating up an 11-year-old boy in New York, in a matter where there was a witness. Madonna quickly settled the civil case to avoid a possible prison sentence from an indictment.

The first time Madonna adopted a child from Africa, she did so to compete with actress Angelina Jolie, who began dominating pop culture headlines over a decade ago with her adoptions. Madonna did not receive the positive reception Jolie did  from the press and public, which left her looking dismayed and humiliated on television.

Jolie's adoptions were not illegal nor did she steal babies from families that did not want to let them go. Madonna ripped children from families who were forced to let their children go, due to questionable promises she made to the Malawian government to give money to the country. However, Madonna, via her sick, greedy Kabbalah Center, solicited nearly $100,000,000 in donations from all over the world in Malawi's name, but gave them a mere fraction of the money.

Madonna and the Kabbalah Center have pocketed the rest of the money, splurging on mansions, luxury vehicles, designer clothes and jewelry for themselves, while sending some of the money offshore to the Cayman Islands, among other places, hiding the charity funds from the U.S. government (Internal Revenue Service).

The paparazzi still follow Jolie and her family everywhere, as the pictures can be sold to the press for a high price. However, Madonna is one of those stars whose publicist has to call paparazzi agencies and pay them to take photos of her for articles that she also pays to have placed in pop culture magazines and on websites. Madonna's time has passed, but she refuses to accept that. When you have to tip off the paparazzi and pay them, as well as send bribes to pop culture magazines for article placements, it's over.

I have proof Madonna is doing so. I sued Madonna for hacking, among other things, which I also went to the FBI about and they later arrested her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. Yet the deranged fool Madonna has repeatedly lifted items verbatim from my private, TIME STAMPED emails she paid a crazy, deranged racist hacker to hack, then sends them to the Daily Mail, among others, as articles about herself, when the original emails had nothing to do with her. She's a complete lunatic.  

Madonna should not be allowed to adopt a child, nor should she have been permitted to raise her own. After all, her 15-year-old son with director Guy Ritchie ran away to live with his dad in London, England, due to Madonna's sick and harmful behavior. Both Madonna's kids are raging drug addicts and alcoholics and have been for years, as their vile mother engaged in substance abuse with them. Madonna's kids are always inebriated. The two children she adopted prior to the twins, always look so depressed in photos.

Speaking personally as someone who has been confronted by Madonna's horrible, disgusting behavior, I can attest, she is an insidious, evil person. I feel sorry for these children she has been allowed to adopt. When all things are exposed concerning her, world history is going to condemn the government, particularly the FBI,  for allowing her to adopt these innocent children, knowing what they know about her. The FBI are sitting on evidence of heinous criminal behavior by Madonna, some behavior so terrible, it led to innocent people's deaths.

As seen in paparazzi photos, Madonna is taking these children to the Kabbalah Center, a sick scam of an organization she runs with rapist, Yehuda Berg. The Kabbalah Center has members involved in the occult/Satanism. These lunatics in Kabbalah wrongly believe African and Haitian-African children are to be used in the occult.


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