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Crazy Drug User Madonna Slammed By Father Of Twins She Deceitfully And Illegally Adopted Under False Pretenses

February 27. 2017


Derange cultist and admitted illegal drug user and alcoholic, Madonna, unlawfully adopted 4-year-old twin girls from the impoverished African nation of Malawi. Madonna adopted them as fashion accessories, in attempting to compete with the likes of popular stars Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock, who adopted black children (and there is nothing wrong with white people adopting black children, but Madonna is an exception as she is very evil criminal). Madonna is also attempting to compete with famous expectant mothers, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney (married to actor George Clooney) and singer Beyonce (married to camel/rapper Jay Z) who have each stated they are carrying twins.

The father of the twins Madonna adopted has gone on record complaining that he was lied to and deceived about the adoption that was done under false pretenses. Adam Mwalle stated he was told the adoption was "just temporary." Mwalle further stated, "I was told from the start that Esther and Stella were going to a rich woman's home abroad, that she would give them a good education, then return them to me, to live with me and help all of my family."

Madonna has deceitfully stolen the two girls under a permanent adoption, but lied stating it was temporary. These poor children have been adopted by satan. The world is going to condemn the FBI for hiding pertinent Freedom of Information files containing information regarding sick, depraved and outrageously illegal behavior by Madonna that would have automatically disqualified her from adopting children.   

Madonna is a drug addict and alcoholic involved in serious criminal behavior that resulted in innocent people's deaths. Madonna's two biological children, raised under her madness, have turned out very badly. Both Madonna's biological children are massive drug addicts and alcohols with temper problems, from years of her deranged and evil behavior. Madonna's children are severely psychologically damaged because of her.


Adam Mwalle

As stated on the site previously, her daughter, who is now 20, moved out of Madonna's home at age 15. Her son, now 16, ran away from Madonna's home at age 15 as well, to live with his dad in a whole other country, Britain, citing her abusive behavior. Madonna's kids have been photographed and videotaped in public getting drunk and high, in criminal violation of the law. Madonna's son was recently arrested for drug possession and narcotics use, after behaving in a completely dysfunctional manner, disrupting the neighborhood and disturbing the peace like a vagrant.

At age 25, Madonna engaged in sexual activity with the 15-year-old relative of her then manager. At age 57, Madonna ripped off the top of an underage 17-year-old girl, exposing her breast and making crude, cringe worthy sexual statements to minor, on stage in front of a concert audience. As stated previously, Madonna choked and beat up a 11-year-old boy in New York. Madonna is also a dirty sex offender who likes to secretly spy on people  in their homes via commissioned hacking and webcam spying, among other things, then throws the contents of what she illegally witnessed in industry members' faces, via phone and or email as a threat. The idiot Madonna, also made a threatening statement about blowing up the White House with newly elected U.S. president, Donald Trump inside, which can serve as an incitement to violence.

Madonna does not have the profile of someone who should be adopting children. She is a demonic, dirty criminal with a horrible temper and evil streak. I truly feel sorry for the four children that madwoman has adopted from Malawi. She is a very sick, satanic person and the truth is going to come out regarding what her biological and adopted children have been subjected to while in her care. Those six kids are going to start babbling in matters out of Madonna's control and it is going to be worse than the film "Mommy Dearest."


Father of Madonna's adopted twins 'shocked they aren't returning home to Malawi'

He reportedly believed that Madonna was going to temporarily look after his daughters and educate them

11:46, 20 FEB 2017Updated11:11, 21 FEB 2017 - The father of the twin girls adopted by Madonna is reportedly shocked that the agreement is permanent. Adam Mwale - who was in court for the adoption hearing earlier this month - claimed he was misled about the official agreement as he thought his children would be returned to him one day.

He said: "I was told from the start that Esther and Stella were going to a rich woman's home abroad, that she would give them a good education, then return them to me, to live with me and help all of my family. He took his daughters to the orphanage after their mother died. "Now you are telling me the adoption is permanent. That cannot be true - I don't want it to be true. I am their father and I will always be their father."

Mr Mwale claims he was told Madonna wanted to take the twins and educate them and when he consulted his late wife's family, they agreed it would be a fantastic opportunity for the girls and he should go ahead. The 40-year-old farmer - whose wife Patricia died while giving birth to the twins - claimed a court appointed guardian told "terrible lies" and told the judge he had abandoned his family, including five other children aged between eight and 20, to marry another woman.

But he told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "It was me who took the girls to the orphanage after Patricia died. We had been happily married for many years. We had a good family life. But when she gave birth to the twins, she lost a lot of blood and died." Mr Mwale says he wanted help from the hospital to look after his twins, but was told that the orphanage was the best place for them. He says everyone in his village understood he just wanted the best for his daughters.



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