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Britain's Snap Election On June 8 Between Prime Minister Theresa May And Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn A Bid To Beat Ailing Labour Party

April 25. 2017

Theresa May

It was recently announced there will be a snap election on June 8, 2017 between Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Britain. Political pundits are of the belief, May agreed to the election in such close proximity to the time she was appointed Prime Minister by her Conservative party in 2016, due to the fact Corbyn is polling poorly with the public. May is of the belief she can win the election.

Corbyn means well in wanting to help people, but he is a radical leftist whose political roots are in hardline socialism and communism. This political stance is not in-keeping with the government framework of the United Kingdom. Corbyn seeks to implement and enforce radical socialist and communist policies that will unintentionally plunge Britain into poverty.

Corbyn seeks to bring into law, a radical wage cap in the United Kingdom, which would target anyone, whether civilian, corporate or government, who earns above £70,000 per year. Any earnings beyond £70,000 per year would automatically be taken by the Corbyn government via mandatory taxation.

Britain has many billionaires and millionaires who contribute to the economy via earning revenues, supporting the financial/banking system, employing staff, paying corporate and council taxes, buying goods and services. There are also many people in Britain that work very hard and earn above £70,000 per year in various posts, who would be heavily taxed, losing anything in excess of that sum to Corbyn's taxation plan.

Corbyn wants to scrap Britain's missile defense system Trident, when the country needs protection. Britain should have a missile protection system and one run by the British government. It is naive to think Britain has no enemies in the world, when there have been outright threats from select entities who oppose the west.

Corbyn's hippy policies are not in Britain's best interest. He seeks to take from the middle class and rich and give it to the poor. However, it would not work or last, as the public would temporarily get the spoils of the rich via increased benefits, but the money would run out and plunge Britain into poverty and a lower standard of living.

It's the equivalent of illegally taking over a company one does not know how to run in order to make it create revenues indefinitely. You take over the company's bank account. You raid it and overnight distribute the money in the bank account to whomever you feel like. However, it is a shaky short term payout, as the method and source of generating revenues at the company is gone. Therefore, the well dries up and poverty ensues.

Just so, Corbyn's policies would harm Britain in the short and long term, as the middle class and rich would immediately seek residence in other nations that would not engage in over taxation. Britain would be stuck without major earners, who will flee the nation under such rules and other countries would happily accept them, their tax dollars and business investments.

Jeremy Corbyn

If elected, Corbyn's policies would scare off foreign investment, as no company will set up shop in a nation that will heavily tax them. It makes doing business in such a sector an exercise in futility. The numbers would not crunch and they would simply take their aggregate billions in investment elsewhere.

Think about it, if you had several hundred thousand, millions or billions in the bank as investment money and you had to choose a place in the world to invest that money, via creating a business, would you go to a nation whose leader (if it were Corbyn) is stating "if you earn anything above £70,000 per year I am going to take it in taxes" or would you choose a country with fair, favorable tax laws that did not place a cap on how much you can earn nor create too many laws to encumber your company's growth.

No one is going to invest in business expansion in a nation whose leader is going to take too much of the company's revenues in taxes. It does not make sense to even open a business in a territory utilizing such drastic tax terms. It would be an unfavorable, nonsensical waste of time to do business in such a territory. Corbyn would cost Britain over a trillion in foreign investment and tax revenues lost.

Corbyn is the most radical U.K. politician of the past century, whose discredited political ideas have failed in the third world, creating widespread poverty in select underdeveloped nations. It is troubling that he is of the belief ideas that failed in the third world, will somehow magically work in Britain, a nation that has far more to lose as a well-developed major world nation.    

Voters do not have to take my word for it. However, I would like to point out, I did accurate predict the 2008 financial crisis, two years before it struck in America. I also have approximately 300 exclusives, many of a political nature, that later proved true and correct. Furthermore, I'm not a British citizen and have no vested interest of a financial nature in the outcome of the election. I have British blood in me and have spent a lot of time in London, which has me concerned for the nation's future.

Corbyn's proposed policies drastically differ from previous Labour leaders such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The Labour party would be wise not to support and champion what Corbyn is repeatedly proposing via radical socialism, as it is poverty in disguise. Penalizing the rich will not uplift the poor. Giving the poor the tools and means to succeed will financially and socially uplift the poor.

As stated previously on this site, I propose the government undertake a small 5-20 pence tax on purchases in the United Kingdom to better fund the NHS, who is bursting at the seams, under the weight of mass migration from the European Union, Africa and the Middle East. The population swelled to 60,000,000 in approximately 15-years, which means there are more patients to treat via the health service.

Britain also needs to reopen factories and create new products. Britain should also develop its own technology sector to house and fund start-ups, which will create jobs. An area of London strictly devoted to creating technology. After all, a British man created the internet (Tim Berners-Lee). Therefore, it is possible to fund and develop the nation's own technology sector.


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