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After Wasting Millions In Taxpayer Money Pressure Is On Robert Mueller To Recuse Himself And Account For The Money In Crumbling Russia Probe Of Donald Trump

October 27. 2017

Robert S. Mueller

Since 2006, I have been writing about corrupt former FBI director, Robert S. Mueller. When I was first interviewed by the FBI twice about illegal wiretapping and copyright theft in Hollywood, I discovered the agency was well behind the times in the area of technology. I wrote and published detailed ideas on my sites regarding how the FBI could embrace modern technology, particularly with a proper computer system.

Along the way I discovered just how corrupt and evil the FBI is and how much taxpayer money they waste on a regular basis, especially while they were under the management of thieving Mueller. Tens of millions of dollars went missing during the computer system's creation and implementation under Mueller. He also misused a $40,000,000 private jet, which costs $3,000,000 to fuel per flight, which was meant for FBI agents to use in terrorism missions, not for Mueller to fly like a billionaire and feast on gourmet meals. Mueller was publicly chastised by the U.S. government's inspector general for repeatedly using the costly private jet, which left FBI agents in the lurch. Mueller arrogantly acted like he was some big shot CEO making billions, when he was costing America a fortune.

Mueller repeatedly stayed in the finest hotel suites possible and ate sumptuous meals at very expensive restaurants, racking up massive expense accounts on the U.S. taxpayers tab, only to let the September 11th terrorist attack happen though an FBI agent warned him 70 times something bad was about to happen. For 4-years Mueller sat on evidence the 2008 financial crisis was about to happen.

Mueller ignored evidence from Europe warning about the men who went on to commit the Boston Marathon bombing. Mueller brushed off warnings from the British government that university student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had become a radicalized terrorist, who poses a threat to America. Abdulmutallab went on to fly into Detroit, Michigan on a commercial flight with a bomb in his underwear that thankfully malfunctioned on the airplane and didn't detonate as planned (it damaged his genitals instead). There are countless examples of Mueller grotesquely running amok at the FBI and it costing people their lives, finances, homes and companies.

He never took the FBI post to help America. He took the job to help himself to taxpayer money and exert undue influence over members of Congress, the White House and the business world. Mueller is a below average, crappy lawyer, who is power and money hungry. He thinks he should be living like a tech billionaire, but doesn't have the budget to do so and relies on the misappropriation of U.S. tax dollars, financial fraud and bribes to live lavishly. That is not the definition of a public servant. The man is an evil degenerate.

Most people have a conscience and could never financial exploit their nation to the tune of over $200,000,000, nor behave in such a negligent manner regarding their nation's national security, but not Mueller, who is the spawn of the devil. Mueller took America for all it is worth. The man is a disgusting, greedy, lecherous thief that has been misappropriating and wasting taxpayer money for years and is back for more.

Select Democrats in Congress unwisely brought Mueller back to investigate President Donald Trump and Russia, as political payback for their candidate, Hillary Clinton, losing the election. Select lawmakers in Congress and the Inspector General are once again concerned, as Mueller has been spending a significant amount of taxpayer money on an investigation that did not warrant the funds and is currently crumbling.

Mueller has been using vengeful Clinton's $9,000,000 dossier on Trump that was illegally paid for using campaign donations, in violation of FEC rules. What's even worse for Clinton is the report was compiled with information that was procured by paying foreign spies from multiple nations, which is a double crime, in tandem with the violations of FEC rules. Making payments to a British spy is one thing - it's illegal but Britain is currently America's top ally. However, how does Clinton explain that her campaign donations from unwitting American taxpayers, illegally paid Russian spies for dirt on Trump that they could not substantiate with any hard proof. Americans did not donate their money to Clinton to do that.

It is highly illegal to bribe or submit undeclared payments to foreign agents, especially spies from nations considered enemies. The way the Democrats talk, Russia is America's sworn enemy and one of the nation's biggest threats. Yet the top Democrat at the time, Clinton, was illegally and secretly paying Russian spies for unsubstantiated information on her American political rival, Trump.

Both Clinton and Trump have business ties to Russia, which is not unlawful. Clinton even sold Russia 20% of America's nuclear uranium while working for President Barack Obama. If the Democrats were that concerned about the Russian government during the election, why did they allow the Obama Administration, via Clinton, who was Secretary of State, to sell them such a large chunk of nuclear materials, which could be used to make bombs to blow up America.

Not to mention, what's with all the self-righteous indignation from select Democrats in Congress stating the Russian government meddled in the presidential election by releasing disinformation on social networking (which isn't a crime), when the federal government has interfered with elections in Russia, Britain, the Middle East, South America and the Caribbean, in attempts at illegally blocking candidates the intelligence community in Washington did not want in office.

It is well known in international political circles that the CIA and FBI have criminally meddled in foreign elections, tampering with ballot boxes (stealing and dumping votes), hacking votes and paying people to publicly leak illegally obtained information on foreign candidates the federal government did not want elected.

There is no sympathy for Congress in the political international community regarding claims of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, because for years a number of nations' elections were criminally tampered with by the CIA and FBI, costing some foreign politicians political posts. The CIA and FBI are consistently making things bad for Americans in the world, creating preventable animosity towards the nation.

I don't believe for one second the American people would approve of the illegal ops the CIA and FBI run in the international community to interfere with foreign elections and topple governments, among other things. It all has to do with the CIA and FBI wanting power and control. When the CIA and FBI go into the world and do these things, they are not helping the American people who are in the dark. They are creating unnecessary enemies all over the globe.

For the record, I am of the belief each election in every nation should be fair, honest and free of all tampering. Let the will of the people decide.


Mueller is the wrong sleuth when his ex-agency is so tangled up with Russia.

Oct. 24, 2017 6:17 p.m. ET - Let’s give plausible accounts of the known facts, then explain why demands that Robert Mueller recuse himself from the Russia investigation may not be the fanciful partisan grandstanding you imagine. Here’s a story consistent with what has been reported in the press—how reliably reported is uncertain.

Democratic political opponents of Donald Trump financed a British former spook who spread money among contacts in Russia, who in turn over drinks solicited stories from their supposedly “connected” sources in Moscow. If these people were really connected in any meaningful sense, then they made sure the stories they spun were consistent with the interests of the regime, if not actually scripted by the regime.

The resulting Trump dossier then became a factor in Obama administration decisions to launch an FBI counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, and after the election to trumpet suspicions of Trump collusion with Russia. We know of a second, possibly even more consequential way the FBI was effectively a vehicle for Russian meddling in U.S. politics. Authoritative news reports say FBI chief James Comey’s intervention in the Hillary Clinton email matter was prompted by a Russian intelligence document that his colleagues suspected was a Russian plant.

OK, Mr. Mueller was a former close colleague and leader but no longer part of the FBI when these events occurred. This may or may not make him a questionable person to lead a Russia-meddling investigation in which the FBI’s own actions are necessarily a concern. But now we come to the Rosatom disclosures last week in The Hill, a newspaper that covers Congress. Here’s another story as plausible as we can make it based on credible reporting. After the Cold War, in its own interest, the U.S. wanted to build bridges to the Russian nuclear establishment. The Putin government, for national or commercial purposes, agreed and sought to expand its nuclear business in the U.S.

The purchase and consolidation of certain assets were facilitated by Canadian entrepreneurs who gave large sums to the Clinton Foundation, and perhaps arranged a Bill Clinton speech in Moscow for $500,000. A key transaction had to be approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department...


Uranium One Deal: FBI Informant Has Emails & Video Evidence of Russian Efforts to Win Favor of Clintons (Video)

How come we do not ever hear about these stories on the MSM like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC? You can bet if all this evidence would expose President Trump, Mueller would have the witness parading all over the place and on every single talk show. But Robert Mueller is incapable of running a fair and balanced investigation. He has an agenda and but the truth isn’t it.

In 2009 the FBI had substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States. According to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) an FBI confidential informant holds information about the handling of a criminal probe linked to a controversial deal that ceded ownership of U.S. uranium assets to the Russian government.

Despite an ongoing criminal investigation into officials working for subsidiaries of Rosatom, the Russian government entity seeking to acquire ownership of U.S. uranium, the Obama Administration approved the deal. The Justice Department has reportedly threatened to prosecute the informant if he discloses details of his involvement in the investigation.

“The Executive Branch does not have the authority to use non-disclosure agreements to avoid Congressional scrutiny. If the FBI is allowed to contract itself out of Congressional oversight, it would seriously undermine our Constitutional system of checks and balances. The Justice Department needs to work with the Committee to ensure that witnesses are free to speak without fear, intimidation or retaliation from law enforcement. Witnesses who want to talk to Congress should not be gagged and threatened with prosecution for talking. If that has happened, senior DOJ leadership needs to fix it and release the witness from the gag order,” Grassley said.

On Monday John Solomon from Circa News told Sean Hannity the FBI has emails, audio and video tapes by a US agent of Russian efforts to win favor with the Clintons in the Uranium One scandal. Read more at TGP.



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