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 Aaron Hernandez Killing Odin Lloyd Has The Appearance Of A Hollywood Illuminati Sacrifice

May 15. 2017

Aaron Hernandez

Former New England Patriots football player, Aaron Hernandez, committed suicide last month while serving life in prison for murder. Due to an obscure Massachusetts state law in America, Hernandez's record for murdering aspiring football player, Odin Lloyd, was expunged. Despite the fact Hernandez was convicted of the killing, Massachusetts law states if a convict dies before exhausting all court appeals, their record must be expunged. Therefore, Hernandez legally died an innocent man in the eyes of the law, but in the real world he is guilty, particularly in the court of public opinion.

All wrongful death claims against Hernandez will be null and void due to his suicide expunging his criminal record. An alleged suicide note left by Hernandez, proclaimed to his fiancée and the mother of his child, "You're rich." This is likely due to the fact financial claims against his estate can be erased in light of his death and record being questionably expunged.

Hernandez killing of Odin was strange. Some claim it was to shut him up about Hernandez allegedly being bisexual. However, his lawyer stated Hernandez was not bisexual. Such a claim leaking out would not have destroyed Hernandez's career as a football player. It would not be something he would feel the need to kill him over.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez (left), the couple's daughter Avielle Hernandez (center) and Aaron Hernandez (right) in court weeks prior to his suicide

Information released by prison authorities and the press after Hernandez's suicide reveal "Illuminati" symbols were written in blood on the wall of his prison cell and floor (There Was No Gay Suicide Letter In Aaron Hernandez Death But There Was Illuminati Images On The Ground And Drawings In Blood On The Wall).

This gives the appearance Hernandez was in the Illuminati and sacrificed Odin. Members of the so-called Hollywood "Illuminati" believe in killing others as a "sacrifice" to the devil, in exchange for wealth and fame. They also engage in animal sacrifices (Secret Video Shows Angelina Jolie Talking About Joining The Illuminati And Making Satanic Animal Sacrifices). Others have tried to kill their friends, as Hernandez did, to get into the cult for fame and wealth (Virginia Rapper Shoots His Best Friend In The Head As An Illuminati Sacrifice In Order To Be Famous In Hollywood).

The "Illuminati" cult also promise career promotion, endorsements, fame and wealth, in exchange for joining their sick sect, worshipping the devil and promoting their deranged organization to the public, which brings money into their twisted financial endeavors. However, it is a deception, as people who murder others always pay a price for it. Hernandez's fame and wealth was short lived, as his unlawful and unethical conduct cost him everything and sent him to an early grave in disgrace.

So many members of the "Illuminati" end up drug addicts as a method of trying to self-medicate and forget the sick things they are exposed to in the cult that renders them violent paranoid schizophrenics. The so-called "Illuminati" are evil and even sacrifice innocent people who have a similar name and look to them or the person they hate,  who is too difficult to kill directly or through commissioned acts of violence. They do this believing that it will be a substitute death to the devil that will lead to the same thing happening to their enemy and bring them more life (longer life), fame and wealth.

Anyone who joins this so-called "Illuminati" is going to pay a terrible price for it within courts of law and in the court of  public opinion. The fame and wealth will be short lived and replaced by terrible legal consequences, lasting public disgrace and financial ruin. It is not worth the risk and damage. The public needs to stay away from this cult.

I wish I could state it is all conspiracy theories, but I've broken a number of exclusives regarding them that later proved true and correct and can attest there are some very sick people in the entertainment industry, ensconced in clandestine cults such as Kabbalah and Scientology, who are practicing this heinous madness and harming innocent people. I have been approached by them with this madness and I also know of incidents where they approach singers, actors and athletes, who were taken aback and began talking about the sick things this cult is doing.

Odin Lloyd

The FBI is partly to blame for this mess. They've allowed this "Illuminati" which is nothing but a deranged law breaking cult to take root in America and spread their madness to burgeoning celebrities they target in other nations for exploitation. They have approached aspiring stars and athletes in America and other nations such as Britain, with the crazy line, "we are the illuminati organization" promising them career favors, promotions, endorsements, publicity and wealth, in exchange for joining the cult. However, the celebrities who join the cult end up hitting rock bottom, via mental illness, drug problems, financial issues and legal woes that are growing worse.

This so-called "Illuminati" are trash who don't know their place, as they have arrogantly and inexplicably gotten involved into all sorts of things, from sports to politics, in what is going to bring America down, as they are mentally insane and plotting terrible things. What are those bunch of imbeciles doing meddling in government. Based on what is being said behind the scenes in Hollywood, their "Illuminati" want to take over the government and have been steadily bribing politicians to do so.

This cult are also a bunch of nutjobs who insanely believe there too many people on earth, branding it overpopulation and want millions to die to keep the numbers down. They are actively and heinously plotting ways to eradicate millions of people, as they believe they are elite and superior and nothing must threaten their wealth and survival.

Another problem for the FBI is in not stopping this cult before their behavior led to grand theft larceny, murder, voyeurism, computer hacking, phone hacking and strong arm tactics, the members of the sect have forged a suicide pact amongst themselves, vowing that they will commit suicide if they are indicted for the crimes they have been committing, which warrant life sentences and in some cases the death penalty, due to their severity.

The FBI can continue to sit on its backside in acts of corruption, as their misconduct is careening towards a terrible conclusion. The FBI is going to have another Jones Town/Ruby Ridge on its hands and end up dragged through hell in international legislatures, forced to explain this gross dereliction of duty in why they let a deranged celebrity cult and their criminal madness take root in America and spread to other nations, damaging their citizens.

Due to corruption and bribery, which the FBI are famous for (FBI Agent Arrested For Accepting A $200,000 Bribe To Derail A Criminal Case The FBI Was Supposed To Be Investigating and Another FBI Agent Caught Taking Bribes To Derail Serious Cases) they looked the other way to something very sick via this Hollywood cult and as the phrase goes, "The chickens are going to come home to roost."

Expect to see at a future date, select federal officials and employees under international indictment, without congressional objection to extraditions, out of sheer shame, disgrace and embarrassment, due to the fall out from that cult and what they have been allowing them to do, which has harmed and caused the preventable deaths of Americans and international citizens.


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